Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Who = Liverpool Direct Christmas Party
what = Rip off the public and sweeten up the staff
where = Adelphi Hotel
when = 15th December 2006
why = Coz they can
Comments = Starts 7pm, Macca will be there and his hench men and women withquite a lot of blonde women??
Hot and Cold Buffet
Top prizes to be won, e.g. Shower accessories, Boxing gloves, signed photograph of the EVIL CABAL.
Come along on the night to see where your council tax money goes?
contact = Rottweiller industries, Swiss Bank account number 4532896456

Saturday, December 02, 2006


We hear that the venerable Lady Doreen Jones is off with her Planning Committee on a fact-finding trip to Liverpool's twin city of Cologne within the next few days.
Not sure exactly what facts need to be found in Cologne, but since we are a European Capital of Culture in just over a year, presumably some members of the council have carte blanche to travel all over Europe investigating things.
By complete co-incidence, Cologne's internationally famous Christmas market will be open when the Liverpool delegation arrive in Germany, so it won't all be work. They may well be able to pick up one or two festive treats.
Makes it all seem worthwhile, somehow.