Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's all going pear-shaped: deficiencies, disagreement, decay and dissent - Firth's shocking verdict on the imploding Lib Dims

We told you so!

Deselected Lib Dim Kevin Firth has departed after firing an astonishing broadside at Fireman Bradley and the fast imploding Lib Dim group.

But we can't resist also repeating the choicest extract, viz:

Cllr Firth claimed that after he expressed his concerns about the cancellation of the festival, Cllr Bradley “launched into what I can only describe as an aggressive rant”.
He added: “I was shocked at the nature of his response to other members of our group, and made my feelings very clear.
“In my opinion such an aggressive response was entirely unnecessary and inappropriate, and ill befits a Liberal Democrat leader.”

Make no mistake, dear readers, this internal warfare will continue and will probably break-out again before polling day on May 1st.

Inspector Clueless Richard Marbrow is already pulling some strings and aims to be the rallying point for the dissenters against Bradley.

But nil desperandum (see comment on our last remarkably well-informed, neigh almost supernaturally prescient post, eds) is also close to the mark with his forecast of future leadership contenders if it all goes pear-shaped in May.

Oooooh, isn't this getting exciting?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Splits emerge amongst the Lib Dims as Fireman Bradley chews a wasp

FRESH splits are emerging amongst the Lib Dims despite angry attempts by Fireman Bradley to order a united front.

Within weeks of Beatrice Fraenkel's long overdue defection to Labour, news emerges of more turmoil in the Lib Dim ranks.

Today's Daily Post begins to lift the corner of the rotting carpet of the Lib Dim's internal warfare, with a short, but completely accurate, story about the deselection of Kevin Firth after 10 years service as a councillor.

Firth, a close colleague of Inspector Clueless Richard Marbrow, was dumped by the Lib Dims from Old Swan.

His crime?

Firth had the temerity to speak out against Fireman Bradley over the Mathew Street fiasco.

Well actually, it wasn't even that rebellious - Firth simply tried to hold Bradley to account for the Mathew St cock-up during a Lib Dim group meeting in December.

Firth had the audacity to stand up and ask a few pertinent questions about who did what, when and who knew what, when.

This was too much for the power-crazed fireman who has not the faintest idea of what is meant by political accountability.

He hit the roof at Firth's questioning and berated him in his customary 'angrily chewing a wasp' manner for daring to ask questions of "The Leader of the Council".

(Entertainingly, Bradley has become so puffed-up with his own self-importance that he has now taken to referring to himself in the third person! eds)

Meanwhile, his fireman lieutenant Steve Hurst, who faces trial on election offences in June, made a mental note of Firth's transgressions.

Bradley, Hurst and the Storeyteller then met secretly with Old Swan colleagues Keith Turner and the appalling and totally beyond redemption Bernie Turner, to plot Firth's downfall.

An extra reason for knifing him (apart from the Clueless connection of course, eds) was Bradley's claim that Firth had leaked "The Leader of the Council's" email to CoverUp demanding the Harbarrowboy's head over Mathew Street.

So off went Firth's head instead.

What is significant about today's Daily Post story is that it obviously comes from deep inside the Lib Dim group and reflects extreme unhappiness at Bradley's bully-boy tactics.

Expect more dissent to be publicly voiced soon.

We turn now to the deselection of another Lib Dim councillor - Ann Hines - from West Derby after 14 years.

The Fireman was desperate to keep Hines in place because of her compliant, no-questions-asked obedience to whatever he said.

So all manner of extraordinary tricks and manouevres were pulled to ensure Hines was re-selected as the Lib Dim candidate in May - which she duly was.

However this was too much for her two West Derby colleagues, the semi-detached Stuart Monkcom and Norman Mills who had been extremely critical of Hines's work-rate and attendance record.

They complained to the Lib Dim's nationally about Bradley and Storeyteller's role in this cynical stitch-up.

Astonishingly, their complaint was upheld by the national party who ordered that the West Derby party go through another candidate selection.

This was yet another humiliating smack in the chops for the Fireman, especially when, in the re-run, Ann Hines was duly-deselected.

Imagine his barely disguised fury at this turn of events.

Coming soon: It's Grand National time - so who are the runners and riders in The Lib Dim Succession Stakes?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


We bring you shocking tidings from the world wide web, dear readers.

Self-styled Events Expert, Jason Harbarrowboy has been forced to remove all of those splendid Events photographs from his new web site.

Harbarrowboy Associates were forced to delete the offending pictures when threatened with legal action by solicitors acting for the estimable Liverpool Events photographer Dave Evans.

Mr Evans, who is an excellent and notable lensman of this parish, had taken all the pictures on behalf of the Liverpool Culture Company.

So he was astonished to discover that Mr Harbarrowboy had pinched the lot to put on his new business web site.

Naughty Jason, who was also forced to remove all mention of working for the Firefighter Games after Lib Dem councillor Eddie Clein cut-up rough, has been rocked by this second blow.

Now his web site is looking particularly barren, minus all photographs of any distinction. All the pictures are taken from library stock or have been loaned by his mates in Virgin (see above). So its a pretty poor, unimpressive and amateur hour show for the £150,000 a year former chief executive of the Liverpool Culture Company, who the city council paid off with £250,000 of council taxpayer's money.

We do not know how this almost comical turn of events fits in with Jason's proud web site entreaty:

For first class, practical and excellent advice contact us to see how we can help you.

But our first class, practical and excellent advice to him would be this:

Stop pinching other people's work and passing it off as your own, you jerk.

Meanwhile Jason's clients are still 'Coming Soon'.

Monday, March 03, 2008


STRANGE goings on at the web site of Harborow Associates, which launched our Jase's new career as self-styled supremo of cancelled cultural events.
First his web site claimed that the World Firefighter Games was amongst the Harbarrowboy's flood of eager new clients, clamouring for his dubious services.

Lid Dim leadership hopeful Eddie Clein, a member of the Fire Authority, was suitably outraged and went on the radio to denounce Jase and complain about the web site in no uncertain terms.

"I shall be protesting in the strongest possible terms,"the ill-advised Clein told Roger Phillips. "I shall be demanding that he does not work for the fire authority in promoting this world class event. It does not inspire confidence when Mr Harbarrowboy is away in Spain half the year," he added.

Or words to that effect.

And with that, the plug appears to have been suddenly pulled on Jase working for the World Firefighter Games.

And all mention of the gig was subsequently removed from his web site.

What Councillor Clein fails to have realised is that his surprise intervention leaves the way wide open for some conscientious member of the public, or member of the council, to submit a complaint to the Standards Board against him.

To us, it looks like an open and shut case of Councillor Clein abusing his position as a councillor to interfere in a, no doubt, "perfectly proper" business relationship between the fire authority and the Harbarrowboy.

We gather that as a result of Clein's complaint, the fire authority have now been forced to pay Jase off until the summer when the Games are due to be held.

To make sure that Jase would go quietly and uncomplainingly.

The amount handed over? We are told Jase trousered £15,000 from Fireman Bradley's fire service.


Another nice little earner, anyway.

At this rate, the Harbarrowboy could make a living simply out of pocketing pay-offs and never have to leave the hacienda at all!

Meanwhile the list of clients on Jase's web site is now completely empty.

But there is worse to come.

Jase is now being threatened this week by solicitors acting for well-known Liverpool events photographer Dave Evans.

They have warned they will take legal action against the Harbarrowboy unless he removes Mr Evan's rather excellent pictures from the web site.

Mr Evans took the pictures and provided them copywrite free to the Liverpool Culture Company.

Not Harborow Associates.

So Mr Harbarrowboy should not now be using the photos for his own personal business gain, should he?

So stand by for more gaps on the web site in the near future.

All of which is enough to almost make you sorry for our Jase. Almost.

We can only observe that it's hardly what you would expect of Harbarrow Associates, who proudly boasted on the web site: