Tuesday, May 29, 2007


terri said...
Do you know Tone, I am astonished that this post has not caused much more comment. Are we all getting used to the evil cabalists getting away with their crimes and misdemeanours? I am told that the reason the story has not appeared in the Echo or Post is because they have decided not to run anything unless/until Hurst is charged. This seems to me to show a sudden, but welcome outbreak of fairness amongst local journalists. They haven't afforded that privilege of refusing to print stories about other people being questioned under caution, have they? So why now - for Hurst? Or shall we form our own conclusions?
Tuesday, May 29, 2007 12:00:00 AM

Thursday, May 17, 2007


THE knives are out for Standards chief Beatrice Fraenkel because of her obvious unhappiness with the Lib Dem group.

Moves are underway to de-select Counc Fraenkel, who chairs the council's Standards Committee which is laughably meant to monitor the behaviour of councillors (which committee monitors the behaviour of senior officers then? ed)

The Cressington Ward councillor has made it clear to the city's great and good, of which she is a fairly permanent habitue, that she has become increasingly disenchanted with fireman Bradley's motley crew.

Her unhappiness is long standing and goes back as far as the civil war which erupted between Storey and Henshaw.

Apparently she has complained consistently ever since about the Lib Dem's lack of delivery and their persistent failure to improve the city council's services.

She has also made it clear to close confidantes that she is unhappy at the do-nothing drift and lack of direction which £250,000-a-year Cover Up has cleverly masterminded for the last year.

There has been some feverish speculation that Fraenkel, who is, (completely bizarrely, ed) the council's 'design guru', might even cross the floor to Labour.

To nip any such disastrous defection in the bud, senior Lib Dem's are now plotting to de-select her from her ward.

So she will be pushed, before she can jump.

Or before she can summon, for starters, fellow Lib Dem Councillors Clucas, Kemp and Hurst to give evidence to her committee and account for their astonishing actions, which we have detailed elsewhere.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


TWO well-known directors of the Culture Company have decided to stay put after weeks of agonising.
We are reliably informed that both Radio Merseyside's Roger Phillips and Brookside creator Phil Redmond have given serious thought to jumping ship from the Culture Company Board before it hits the iceberg.
Both have told friends and colleagues of their growing disenchantment with the Culture Company and all who sail in her.
However, less wise counsels have apparently now prevailed and the pair have been finally persuaded to abandon thoughts of resigning and instead see out the looming disaster.
(After that it will be every man for himself, never mind women and children first, ed)
Readers will recall how both were put on the Culture Board in a forlorn attempt to silence the sceptics and inject some much needed credibility.
However, we can report that both have since been left angry and frustrated at the lack of tangible progress in plans for 2008.
Both have loudly complained inside the Fun Palace at Millennium House about the woeful lack of communication and the failure to capture the public's imagination or involvement.
But they have signally failed to have any impact on the Harbarrowboy steaming ahead with his pitiful plans.
Neither can point to anything which they have achieved in their sojourn on board ship.
Staying put means, of course, that their deafening silence will now be interpreted as support.
But come the day of reckoning they could find there will be no room left for them in the crowded lifeboats.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Dear Tony,

Just a note for you to use however you see fit.
At the Lib Dem Group meeting last week, which elected Warren Bradley unopposed, our erstwhile firefighter made a historic promise.
He told us: "If Joe Anderson ever becomes leader of the city council, I shall leave the city."
Some of us thought this was tempting fate a little.
One or two others apparently thought this was a good enough reason to cross the chamber and help Anderson next year.
Whatever, it illustrated just how out of his depth and lacking in judgement Bradley is.
The silly boy.
Some of us despair of him ever growing up and being anything other than teacher's pet to Storey....
I am sure you will have fun with this....

Eagle eye