Sunday, February 25, 2007

VICTORY FOR THE BLOG: City Council forced to stop Careline answering calls about turkeys

Liverpool city council has been forced to stop its Careline staff from answering calls about Bernard Matthew's infected turkeys.

The move followed the huge flap caused at the Municipal Buildings following our last 'Its not bootiful' post.

The council has now told the rottweiller McElhinney that specially trained social services staff should not be used to answer calls on behalf of DEFRA.

Instead, they should continue to answer calls about children at risk and the most vulnerable people.

The council are now able to truthfully deny that Careline staff are working for DEFRA.

But they WERE answering such calls - until we made it public.

Our post resulted in a flurry of activity at the MO, with leading councillors asking serious questions and worse, demanding truthful answers (!) and even the Echo motivated to make a few tentative enquiries.

But the Echo were easily fobbed off with some careful phrasing and the bureaucrats are now drawing up an unitelligible report to confuse and therefore quieten down any unruly councillors.

Meanwhile McElhinney, chief exec of Liverpool Direct Limited at MisadVenture Place, has escaped as usual with just a verbal ticking off from 'Cover Up'.

The much heralded fight with Peter Cosgrove never materialised (predictably, ed).

However, the LDL contract with DEFRA over the turkey flu outbreak in Suffolk continues (isn't that worth an Echo story then? ed) with council staff, seconded to LDL, continuing to handle calls.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Liverpool City Council staff have been forced to work on the Bernard Matthews turkey crisis in Suffolk!
Specially trained social work staff who normally handle calls to the council's Careline have been ordered by McElhinney to take calls about bird flu instead!
Liverpool call centre staff have also been instructed to take calls as part of a contract the evil McElhinney has negotiated with DEFRA.
(Christ almighty, no wonder the council's own services are so bad, ed)
Careline is the social services call line for those vulnerable people who cam sometimes be in desperate need of help. It is also used to alert the proper authorities if someone is in an emergency.
(It is NOT for turkeys, ed)
But instead of answering such Careline calls at McElhinney's lair in (Misad)Venture Place, council staff are now taking calls about a mangey turkey outbreak miles away from Liverpool.
Staff are appalled at what they have been ordered to do - but dare not stand up to the evil rottweiller.
His 'yes sir, no sir' sidekick - Councillor Richard 'Inspector Clueless' Marbrow - is well aware of what is going on and has done his best to hush it all up.
Until now.
What makes the lucrative contract with DEFRA (how much is that worth then? ed) even more scandalous is that McElhinney (left) is acting illegally in forcing staff to comply.
(Doesn't it just show everyone that the arrogant **** has still not learnt his lesson and thinks he can get away with murder? ed)
Staff have been denied annual leave so that the LDL contract with DEFRA is covered.
Staff from the One Stop Shops have also been offered overtime to make sure the contract is covered.
Staff have even been taken out of the One Stop Shops during their normal working hours to help take calls.
But there is some good news...
McElhinney is shitting himself because city council Assistant Executive Director Peter Cosgrove has been informed of what has gone on.
Cosgrove is one of the genuinely good guys and although considered weak by some, would love to get McElhinney bang to rights.
Cosgrove has been copied into some damaging email correspondence which McElhinney sent to staff and the rottweiller has now gone off the deep end to try and cover his tracks (again, ed) .
In an attempt to bully and intimidate staff he has launched his own personal investigation into who forwarded what email, to whom and why.
The Head of Human Resources, Collette Hannay, has also become officially involved and is aware of how McElhinney has broken the law (she won't do anything about it, ed).
Not surprisingly, the thieving rottweiller has now enlisted his long-standing accomplice, the smiling assassin Hasitall to try and dig him out of the turkey shit!
It is all very hush hush and in the end, Colin 'Cover Up' can probably be relied upon to sweep up all the turkey shit into his fancy pigeon loft at the back of the MO.
So that's why we are telling you now...
And we would just add:
Isn't it about time that the city council put its own house in order FIRST?

Friday, February 16, 2007


At St George's Hall, Jayne Casey in action on the £25,000 bed (is this what's known as a foursome then? ed) and above right in an earlier, presumably less profitable, incarnation...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Question: How much did it cost the Culture Company to get Jayne Casey into bed for the night? Answer: £25,000 (apparently)


hey Tony, guess how much Jayne Casey was paid by the Culture Company to loll about on a bed for the night?
A cool £25 grand!!!!
You will remember that Jayne, once of the pop group, Big in Japan and now of The A Foundation and the 'Independents District' and a well known extremely gobby scouser who is also a bit loopy, was one of the, ahem, 'stars of the show' when the Culture Company launched its programme for 2008 in St Georges Hall?
This was when they spent a huge amount of money, God knows exactly how much on balloons, glitter and free nosh and booze for the invited guests including a number of leading Lib Dem councillors of course who were quick to get their noses in the trough.
But it is now common knowledge in the Culture Company that they paid Ms Casey an astonishing £25 grand to turn-up and do her stuff.
She was apparently one of the self-styled 'artistes' they hired to entertain the hoi polloi during the night.
Jayne's artistic contribution to the event's festivities took place in St George's Hall's small ballroom which was got up like a bordello, all crimson satin, lace and feathers and a huge bed.
She proceeded to invite passers by to join her on th bed. Not sure how many took her up on this, however.
This was all to do with some film she was promoting, but it was completely lost on me. And it seemed to me that harbarrowboy was desperate to have the self-appointed 'independents' on board for the launch.

so he probably reckoned £25 grand was cheap to make sure Jayne didn't go all gobby over culture and have a go.

not that jayne could be bought off by anyone, oh no.

hope this isn't too libellous for you Tone, but i thought people should know who and what their public money is being spent on when the council are making 50 million quids worth of cuts in services. No doubt even more money has been equally well spent...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

In a spin over summer pops....


Jane said...
Guess who the spin doctor for the new arena is Tony?
None other than your old friend Jon Brown, who worked so assiduously on behalf of Chas at the infamous lobbying meeting with the Harbarrowboy, way back when the evil cabal website was running rampant.
Dunno whether Brown had to formally tender for the job, or how much it was worth, but he was an obvious shoe-in being so close and friendly to Chas, I would have thought.
Makes it much easier for Chas for them both to have the same PR person, when he brings back the Pops at the arena next year.
And won't that be hunky dory for everyone then?
Lots of loverly cash...

Monday, February 12, 2007 11:48:00 PM

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Another interesting contribution about the Summer Pops. (also gives us a great excuse to use this picture again...)

Fair play said...

vis-a-vis the summer pops and halsall's mate chas...

why was it that six weeks ago at an entirely different meeting, the harbarrowboy and his american accomplice kris donalson were telling anyone who would listen that if chas didn't get the Pops then no-one would.

and that he was the best person to do it again in 2008.

what did they know and when?

and i thought these decisions were made by councillors?

what a stitch up, aided and abetted incidentally by your mates at the daily post who swallowed a briefing from the council and chas cole, hook line and sinker. portraying him as a great benefactor for giving us the pops for the last six years (how much did he make?) and again trotting out the line that his was the best tender!

it is literally unbelievable.

aside from the two press releases that were sent out on this, halsall was very active in talking to journalists....

Sunday, February 11, 2007 6:58:00 PM


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

good conspiracy theory...

tom said...
im surprised that you have not said this before, but the cuts crisis is all part of the smiling assasin halsall's revenge.
as you have rightfully said already he has been in charge of the council's finances for the last six years so any crisis with cuts is his responsibility.
except what is going to happen to him? nothing. they cant touch him for it. this he knows.
so he haS gone out of his way to manufacture this financial cock-up firstly to embarrass warren bradley, who the assassin loathes, ands then secondly once this has all sunk in, halsall will ride to the rescue with a balanced budget showing bradley how indispensable he is
and how he can dig the lib dems out of a financial hole at any time. or put them in one. simple really.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007 9:58:00 PM

Friday, February 02, 2007


ASTONISHING but persistent rumours are sweeping the city about secret tapes which reveal the inside story of the campaign against Henshaw's evil cabal.
The series of tapes are rumoured to heavily incriminate current council leader Warren Bradley, (below left, on the phone interestingly enough, ed) former leader Mike Storey (centre) and the city's first citizen in 2008, Councillor Paul Clark (right)
The gang of three are all said to feature in the secret tape recordings (wow, shades of Watergate, ed) of phone conversations they made between April 2005 and September last year. Then they suddenly stop, for some reason.

The city's chattering classes have been agog in recent weeks with feverish and growing speculation about what the tapes contain - and when, and if, they will ever be made public.
But according to one informed source, the tapes allegedly provide the inside story on council leader Warren Bradley's role against Henshaw's evil cabal.
It's claimed the tapes show how Bradley was secretly involved in bringing evidence against Sir Diddy's rottweiller, Dr David McElhinney, who is still on the council's payroll.
At one point Bradley is alleged to have been taped confirming that all of the allegations on Tony Parrish's legendary liverpool evil cabal blog were true.
He then goes on to say McElhinney "should be in Walton Jail" for the crimes he has committed and the theft of millions of pounds from council taxpayers. (good for him then, ed)
But unfortunately, any publication or broadcast of the tapes would inevitably mean a full-scale investigation by the Standards Board which governs the conduct of councillors in England and Wales.
They would also raise the question of Bradley's actions as leader of the council, his relationships with senior council staff and also bring into question his personal behaviour.
The tapes would also beg the question of why he has done nothing to remove McElhinney or his accomplice, the smiling assassin, Halsall from their lucrative sinecures with the city.
Insiders believe that the tapes are potentially so explosive and so damaging they would inevitably spell the end of Bradley's short tenure as Lib Dem leader.
They would also raise questions about why Bradley sacrificed the city's best interests for a quite life at the Municipal Buildings and condoned the loss of millions of pounds in public money.
(This at a time when the council is now planning massive cuts, ed)
Observers say if the tape rumours are true, Bradley would have to resign.
A similar resignation fate could also befall Storey, whose political career would be dealt a fatal blow by a second appearance before the Standards Board.
Rumour has it that on the secret tapes he tells the full story of his battles with Henshaw and his attempts to bring McElhinney and Halsall to justice (what's so wrong with that, then? ed)
Publication would again underline Storey's helplessness and weakness as a politician and his failure to force new chief executive Colin 'Cover Up' Hilton to take any action.
Storey is also said to be remarkably indiscreet about some of his senior council colleagues on the Executive Board and Hilton, as well as giving the shocking low-down on the appointment of Culture Company chief executive Jason The Harbarrowboy (bloody hell, I can't wait for this! ed)
The role of Councillor Clark, a barrister, and a close colleague of Bradley and Storey is just as interesting.
According to one astounding rumour, Clark, who is due to be Lord Mayor in 2008, could face action from the Law Society as a result of what the tapes reveal.
At one point Clark is also rumoured to have admitted, in a damning indictment of the Lib Dem regime at the Town Hall: "We couldn't run a piss-up in a brewery."
The tapes are said to be 'absolutely lethal and political dynamite'.

We await further developments with great interest....
(Can we quickly sort out how to broadcast audio on this blog? ed)