Friday, March 16, 2007


WORD reaches us that Jayne Casey, of The A Foundation, is now denying that she handbagged £25,000 for lying about in a bed at St George's Hall.
She has laughed off the blog's post and claims that she was paid nothing for her appearance at the dismal launch of the Culture Company's programme (sic) for 2008.
This is the opposite of what senior people at the Culture Company have been gossiping about for the last two months. They have been privately outraged at the way money is routinely wasted by the Harbarrowboy.
So someone is lying.
But who?
Jayne has been dismissive to journalists who have tried to ask her about the cost.
Sadly most journalists then seem to have abandoned any hope of finding out the truth.
None seem to have had the gumption to ask the Culture Company for the total cost of the 2008 launch, which of course involved councillorsd quaffing free booze and canapes.
Nor has anyone asked how much was paid to consultants, like Jayne, who were involved in the launch.
A Freedom of Information question would have put the Culture Company on the spot a bit.
And if they resorted to the council's usual tactic of breaking the law and refusing to answer, it might have given us a little clue about whether Jayne was paid £25,000 or not. (Perhaps it was £24,999? ed)

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Tori Blare said...

I feel a freedom of information request coming on!!!