Tuesday, May 15, 2007


TWO well-known directors of the Culture Company have decided to stay put after weeks of agonising.
We are reliably informed that both Radio Merseyside's Roger Phillips and Brookside creator Phil Redmond have given serious thought to jumping ship from the Culture Company Board before it hits the iceberg.
Both have told friends and colleagues of their growing disenchantment with the Culture Company and all who sail in her.
However, less wise counsels have apparently now prevailed and the pair have been finally persuaded to abandon thoughts of resigning and instead see out the looming disaster.
(After that it will be every man for himself, never mind women and children first, ed)
Readers will recall how both were put on the Culture Board in a forlorn attempt to silence the sceptics and inject some much needed credibility.
However, we can report that both have since been left angry and frustrated at the lack of tangible progress in plans for 2008.
Both have loudly complained inside the Fun Palace at Millennium House about the woeful lack of communication and the failure to capture the public's imagination or involvement.
But they have signally failed to have any impact on the Harbarrowboy steaming ahead with his pitiful plans.
Neither can point to anything which they have achieved in their sojourn on board ship.
Staying put means, of course, that their deafening silence will now be interpreted as support.
But come the day of reckoning they could find there will be no room left for them in the crowded lifeboats.


Anonymous said...

They are doing the decent thing ! well done chaps Watch out for Harbrow though as he hits ejector button to be mayor as earlier posts advised.

Anonymous said...

Will Roger and Phil be held to account over the 80 odd million that the barrowboy has spent? Could they tell us where its gone or going?
I bet they are sorry they joined now, it must be crippling for them to realise they have been stitched up by the barrowboy.
Never mind lads it will be over soon and we can get back to normal - paying off the money thats been squandered.
Lets hope the barrowboy moves on soon perhaps he can join his old mate sir diddy, i doubt he will make mayor though, unless its mayor of the wirral!

Vulture said...

The pair of them are useless - they are openly treated with contempt inside the Culture Company and have been clearly placed on the Board for PR purposes and nothing else. better inside the tent, than out, seems to be the view. Meanwhile Harbrow keeps on fucking everything up. It is an utter disaster - and it is costing the city a bloody fortune. If people knew what went on inside Millennnium House they would be marching down Dale Street in their thousands. its utterly scandalous. And these two have let it all happen, for the sake of rubbing shoulders with idiots like Harbarrowboy.

All ears said...

Hey Vulture

Any more that you can tell us about the cockups?