Monday, September 17, 2007


OFFICIALS from the Standards Board arrive in Liverpool this week to investigate Flo Clucas's actions over Dance Liverpool and the Irish centre.
The bossy bureaucrats have finally decided to act on Labour Leader Joe Anderson's formal complaint about Clucas and her actions over the Centre on Mount Pleasant.
Readers will recall how Anderson obtained leaked documents apparently showing how Clucas repeatedly breached the Code of Conduct for councillors.
Meanwhile we can reveal that the city council's Planning Chief, Nigel Lee has been removed from all discussions about the future of the Grade 11 listed building which the city council has negligently allowed to go to wrack and ruin.
Lee has been told he can take no further part in any decisions about the centre because of his previous actions and involvement with Clucas.
This is an extraordinary state of affairs - a highly paid official has been effectively told he cannot do his job for the city, because his impartiality has been compromised!
Quite why anyone should trust Lee with any other planning matters, when he has apparently already demonstrated his unfitness for public office, is a bit beyond us.
Typically, Colin Cover Up is doing his best to hush all this up, aided by the compliant local meeja.
Meanwhile Clucas faces the Standards Board to answer allegations that she abused her position and authority to favour and promote an organisation - Dance Liverpool - of which she is a Director.
It is also claimed that she failed to properly declare an interest in Dance Liverpool when she was promoting its campaign to take over the Irish Centre and also trying to arrange Euro and council funding for it!
Clucas is in charge of Objective 1 Euro funding for Merseyside.
Meanwhile the DPost and Echo continue to observe radio silence on this mildly interesting story, although we are informed that the lovable Lee Bennion at Radio Merseyside is planning a full-scale Panorama-style investigation.
Can't wait to hear what world exclusive you come up with Lee!
There is absolutely no suggestion that Councillor Clucas, a senior Lib Dem and Executive Member, is a corrupt servant of the people who is only involved in politics to serve her own personal interests and get out of it as much as she can, as long as no-one notices or dares to challenge her or stands up to her self-opinionated, pompous, self-serving ways which pay not a jot of attention to the interests of anyone else at all. No suggestion of any of that, at all.


Interested said...

bit strong this - what has clucas ever done to you Tonys?

Tonys Parrishioners said...

Like the rest of the Lib Dems, she has never done anything for us.

taxpayer said...

amen to that

Anonymous said...

who is lee bennion when he is at home then?

interested as well said...

Are you saying that Flucas might have benefited personally from this - We all know that Nigel Lee follows his own agenda but Flo with her sensible shoes and comfy brown anoraks ?? cant see it can you?

Joe said...

She didn't declare an interest at the meeting - and should therefore have taken no part in any discussion - and was clearly using her position both with Objective One and the city council to try and get public money for an organisation which she was directly connected to. I would call that improper at the very least, others would be even more direct. What would you call it?
PS Sometimes the worst offenders can have the most mundane personalities.

Anonymous said...

Flucas is bang to rights on this.

interested as well said...

hmmm yes but not exactly a yacht in the Caribbeans is it

Anonymous said...

The only people who got a yacht in the south of France were Bradley and Cover Up of course. Presumably Henshaw is sailing away into the sunshine on the backs of council tax payers too, having sewn the seeds for cultural chaos. It is only (generally) the likes of Henshaw, McElhinney, Halsall, Hilton and Harbarrow who get fat on the proceeds of public money. Flucas is small beer, but nevertheless she done wrong and we should demand better from elected representatives.

sick and tired of them said...

This is ridiculous. Are we supposed to have a sliding scale of corruption? Yacht in the Carib - very corrupt. Property business in Spain - quite corrupt. New premises for dance mates - only slightly corrupt? We have tolerated this kind of stuff for far too long. We need a total clear-out of these bent bastards.

Tori Blare said...

It wasn't Flo it was her chins that did it!
She told me she has lost control of them and they don't even consult with the rest of her body any more!
Dance on Flo, dance on, coz you won't be dancing in May!
Get rid of her husband too, he provides the skittle band music for Flo's chins to wobble about to.
Oh no Flo, what have your chins been up to now?
Don't forget, she and her chins supported Henshaw in his attempt to oust Storey as the leader of the soggy wellies, she wanted the prize of leader herself, unlike Henshaw, she failed.
Horrible woman, no wonder her chins took over, it was a coupe de chinny chin chin

MacaHasitAll said...

Whether it be a yatch in in Cannes or a dancing medallion, the corrupt actions are all the same.
Prove me wrong disbelievers?
Henshaw would be proud of you Flo

Tori Blare said...

Colin Cover Up was given the role of Chief Executive, for one reason and one reason only, he is an educated man who does as he is told.
Who IS telling him though?
Is it the Liberal Democrats?
Or is it Halsall?
Or do I hear the BT phone ringing off the hoof?

Anonymous said...

Has this got something to do with the Foot and Mouth issue?

Anonymous said...

Foot in Mouth perhaps


Leave me and my infected cows, out of this one!
The Liberal Democrat Controlled Administration, needed no help, for a cost, from ME this time!

Anonymous said...

Mad cow then?

Tori Blare said...

treat all Lib Dems as though they are infected and you won't go far wrong

Anonymous said...

Somebody should stand against her in Allerton next time round as a 'Martin Bell Style' anti-sleaze, anti- corruption candidate... Bring it on...

Anonymous said...

May I have the pleasure of this stitch up?

Allerton resident said...

Dean Sullivan could stand in Allerton instead of Garston, this time round.

What do you think then Jimmy Corkhill??

If you read this blog then I challenge you to stand up against Flo?

The Tonys said...

We hope he doesn't read this blog - our readers are a very discerning lot, ya know.

The Hotel Security said...

If Dean Sullivan does read this blog,
"oy Kidder pay your bill for the party or we will be in touch",