Monday, March 03, 2008


STRANGE goings on at the web site of Harborow Associates, which launched our Jase's new career as self-styled supremo of cancelled cultural events.
First his web site claimed that the World Firefighter Games was amongst the Harbarrowboy's flood of eager new clients, clamouring for his dubious services.

Lid Dim leadership hopeful Eddie Clein, a member of the Fire Authority, was suitably outraged and went on the radio to denounce Jase and complain about the web site in no uncertain terms.

"I shall be protesting in the strongest possible terms,"the ill-advised Clein told Roger Phillips. "I shall be demanding that he does not work for the fire authority in promoting this world class event. It does not inspire confidence when Mr Harbarrowboy is away in Spain half the year," he added.

Or words to that effect.

And with that, the plug appears to have been suddenly pulled on Jase working for the World Firefighter Games.

And all mention of the gig was subsequently removed from his web site.

What Councillor Clein fails to have realised is that his surprise intervention leaves the way wide open for some conscientious member of the public, or member of the council, to submit a complaint to the Standards Board against him.

To us, it looks like an open and shut case of Councillor Clein abusing his position as a councillor to interfere in a, no doubt, "perfectly proper" business relationship between the fire authority and the Harbarrowboy.

We gather that as a result of Clein's complaint, the fire authority have now been forced to pay Jase off until the summer when the Games are due to be held.

To make sure that Jase would go quietly and uncomplainingly.

The amount handed over? We are told Jase trousered £15,000 from Fireman Bradley's fire service.


Another nice little earner, anyway.

At this rate, the Harbarrowboy could make a living simply out of pocketing pay-offs and never have to leave the hacienda at all!

Meanwhile the list of clients on Jase's web site is now completely empty.

But there is worse to come.

Jase is now being threatened this week by solicitors acting for well-known Liverpool events photographer Dave Evans.

They have warned they will take legal action against the Harbarrowboy unless he removes Mr Evan's rather excellent pictures from the web site.

Mr Evans took the pictures and provided them copywrite free to the Liverpool Culture Company.

Not Harborow Associates.

So Mr Harbarrowboy should not now be using the photos for his own personal business gain, should he?

So stand by for more gaps on the web site in the near future.

All of which is enough to almost make you sorry for our Jase. Almost.

We can only observe that it's hardly what you would expect of Harbarrow Associates, who proudly boasted on the web site:


Anonymous said...

Nice work Tonys, the blog has far reaching influence which can only grow even bigger

About the photos though,like all proficient loyal cabalists, they cant see the difference between property of the City of Liverpool and something that they can trouser for themselves

Anonymous said...

Come on Tone's I beg to differ re your comment:

'We can only observe that it's hardly what you would expect of Harbarrow Associates, who proudly boasted on the web site:'

"A team of world-class professionals have been pulled together to offer a range of services specialising in sport, leisure, tourism, events and culture for the public and private sector. Jason and his team have a unique range of experience in the sector areas and have consistently provided eye-opening results on a range of different projects and campaigns. Our team have a track record second to none and results proven over time."

The words ‘unique’, ‘consistent’ and ‘eye-opening results’ along with the statement - "Our team have a track record second to none and results proven over time" is certainly true.

No individual has 'consistently' and 'eye-openingly' squandered £100's of thousands of pounds, failed to achieve the sponsorship required; plummeting a major UK city into £20m+ deficit, failed to set-up operational systems or a company capable of delivering the lacklustre events programme he signed off for 2008, nor has anyone managed to lower the moral of the team more than Jason Harborrow.

I'd say that was a 'consistent', 'second to none' track record wouldn't you?

To find a single individual capable of such devastation is an incredible achievement; to find a whole team this destructive is nothing short of a miracle!