Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's all going pear-shaped: deficiencies, disagreement, decay and dissent - Firth's shocking verdict on the imploding Lib Dims

We told you so!

Deselected Lib Dim Kevin Firth has departed after firing an astonishing broadside at Fireman Bradley and the fast imploding Lib Dim group.

But we can't resist also repeating the choicest extract, viz:

Cllr Firth claimed that after he expressed his concerns about the cancellation of the festival, Cllr Bradley “launched into what I can only describe as an aggressive rant”.
He added: “I was shocked at the nature of his response to other members of our group, and made my feelings very clear.
“In my opinion such an aggressive response was entirely unnecessary and inappropriate, and ill befits a Liberal Democrat leader.”

Make no mistake, dear readers, this internal warfare will continue and will probably break-out again before polling day on May 1st.

Inspector Clueless Richard Marbrow is already pulling some strings and aims to be the rallying point for the dissenters against Bradley.

But nil desperandum (see comment on our last remarkably well-informed, neigh almost supernaturally prescient post, eds) is also close to the mark with his forecast of future leadership contenders if it all goes pear-shaped in May.

Oooooh, isn't this getting exciting?


Anonymous said...

Happy happy happy day when we can say farewell and goodbye to the Fireman and his mafia

Anonymous said...

Bye bye Bradley bye bye

Moaning Mldred said...

I can't wait for May 1st, just to see Bradley's already red face, go so red he blows up, hurst can follow him around again like last year as his bully boy security guard, maybe he can smack Jimmy from Croxteth again?,(soz can't remember his full name, thats age that is).
Bye Bye Bradders Bye Bye Hurst Bye bye Bradders we have another Firth.
Thats quite poo really but what rhymes with Hurst?
It's all the excitement of waiting for Bradders and co to get lost.#
Indeed I will have to go the toilet, (age again), I'm so excitied and It's only April!

Anonymous said...

don't count your chickens.....

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Worried Badley will do a Mugabe, after the May elections and not have the results declared, then decide on another election! He can always say he has information Militant, BNP, Monster Raving Looney Party (oops that's his own party) influenced the vote against them.
Remember after Matthew Street, debacle, he ordered an inquiry, with the words, 'If I am not satisfied with the outcome, I will conduct another inquiry! Mugabe could be getting inspiration from the fireman, they have a lot in common when it comes to greed, governance, corruption, incompetance and blame syndrome.