Wednesday, March 12, 2008


We bring you shocking tidings from the world wide web, dear readers.

Self-styled Events Expert, Jason Harbarrowboy has been forced to remove all of those splendid Events photographs from his new web site.

Harbarrowboy Associates were forced to delete the offending pictures when threatened with legal action by solicitors acting for the estimable Liverpool Events photographer Dave Evans.

Mr Evans, who is an excellent and notable lensman of this parish, had taken all the pictures on behalf of the Liverpool Culture Company.

So he was astonished to discover that Mr Harbarrowboy had pinched the lot to put on his new business web site.

Naughty Jason, who was also forced to remove all mention of working for the Firefighter Games after Lib Dem councillor Eddie Clein cut-up rough, has been rocked by this second blow.

Now his web site is looking particularly barren, minus all photographs of any distinction. All the pictures are taken from library stock or have been loaned by his mates in Virgin (see above). So its a pretty poor, unimpressive and amateur hour show for the £150,000 a year former chief executive of the Liverpool Culture Company, who the city council paid off with £250,000 of council taxpayer's money.

We do not know how this almost comical turn of events fits in with Jason's proud web site entreaty:

For first class, practical and excellent advice contact us to see how we can help you.

But our first class, practical and excellent advice to him would be this:

Stop pinching other people's work and passing it off as your own, you jerk.

Meanwhile Jason's clients are still 'Coming Soon'.


Anonymous said...

Highly amusing and very ironic that the events he was passing off as his were actually mine and paned prior to his arrival in company.

Anonymous said...

isn't funny how his companies phone number is a number on the city council network, a 225 number. perhaps part of his payoff was use of the phones, misuse of ctax payers money? could be worth looking into