Saturday, December 02, 2006


We hear that the venerable Lady Doreen Jones is off with her Planning Committee on a fact-finding trip to Liverpool's twin city of Cologne within the next few days.
Not sure exactly what facts need to be found in Cologne, but since we are a European Capital of Culture in just over a year, presumably some members of the council have carte blanche to travel all over Europe investigating things.
By complete co-incidence, Cologne's internationally famous Christmas market will be open when the Liverpool delegation arrive in Germany, so it won't all be work. They may well be able to pick up one or two festive treats.
Makes it all seem worthwhile, somehow.


Tori Blare said...

Is Trevor going with her?

Tell Dot to pick me up something for the kids.

Anonymous said...

How lovely that such dedicated and hard working elected members such as Doreen Jones who has protected the architectural integrity and build quality of the city putting her citizens first for decades can represent us at these international fora and still be able to relax and enjoy a bit of time out on the way.

Three cheers for Doreen and her colleagues

Anonymous said...

Let's hope they don't come back.

Anonymous said...

I heard Doreen's German junket was cancelled when the Post got wind of it. Shame. Never mind, she's always got those lovely snaps of her in Barcelona with the Head of Planning to look back on.

Anonymous said...

Doreen and her husband Trevor have ripped this City off for years, they own half of the City's warehouses and old buildings. Many of these buildings and whole streets in some cases have benefitted from some amazing public grants, all in the name of regeneration.
Of course Lady Doe and the rest have made the decisions as to where the money goes and have certainly regenerated their bank accounts.
Hard Working my arse!

Anonymous said...

I always found it strange that Mrs Jones didnt declare an interest in determining the Kings Dock application given that she and Mr Jones owned the ship chandlers just outside which they were about to sell for redevelopment and its value went up astronomically as a result of Mrs Jones' and her colleague's decision on Kings Dock