Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Colin 'Cover Up' tells a tall Storey

WORD reaches us that Colin 'Cover Up' has found a new excuse for failing to take action against the evil cabal.
Seems the new £200,000 a year chief executive is blaming former Council Leader, Mike Storey for his 'do nothing' approach.
Hilton is telling anyone who will listen that he could not take action against the rottweiller McElhinney or the smiling assassin Halsall, because to do so would implicate Storey.
(Eh? ed)
Colin 'Cover Up' reckons he has been powerless to bring the cabalists to justice because Storey is a mate of new leader Warren Bradley.
(I am still not following this, ed)
He claims that bringing the McElhinney/Halsall pair of robbers to book would have also brought Storey down.
(How much further down could he go then? ed)
Hilton says they were only allowed to perform their nefarious deeds while Storey was Leader of the council and therefore he would be held responsible if they were brought to justice.
(What about Henshaw then? ed)
Good question. Colin Cover Up seems to have forgotten that Sir Diddy was the evil mastermind behind the cabal and all their wrong-doings, robbery, coup d'etats, theft, blackmail, lies, deceit, threatening behaviour, etc, etc.... (insert any other relevant crime or misdemeanour, ed)
So Hilton is apparently seriously asking other councillors to let him off the hook for his failure, because actually, he is only acting in the interests of the former Leader!
Any thought of holding Henshaw publicly to account for the waste of millions of pounds in public money and the disgraceful abuse of power wielded by the cabal, seems to have escaped the new chief executive's £200,000 a year mind.
(Can't think why, ed)


Ever Hopeful said...

Come on Col you cant be serious - forget the school tie thing as well these nasty brutes need to be made to account for their actions we cant move on until they are - do you want to be the hated Chief Exec of Toytown and get the heave ho soon or do you want to be a valued official of something really good - decision time is coming soon

Tori Blare said...

Storey does not hold his former office any more and if he was responcible then of course he should be held to task like the rest of them, me thinks this is a load of old garbage.
What does Storey say to this and do you think McA has dirt on them all?
My money has been stolen and I am without vital services because of this lot, sack them all I say and give the job to Tony Parrish to run the City.
I could be your media chief!

Mrs Doctor Mc Dog said...

More like Hilton would be implicated!
Hilton is a waste of space he does nothing but cover up what has gone on before and will not accept any responcibility for the council's actions. His motto seems to be it wasn't me it was Storey.
It is about time he stopped blaming others and giving out lame excuses and actually earned his huge salary.
People of Liverpool want justice and were hoping that Colin Hilton would be the person to provide that.
However he is too busy painting everything white in an attempt to hide the ugliness underneath.
The only way that this wil ever be sorted is to bring in a totally new administration to run the city.
It would seem they are all corrupt.

Tori Blare said...

I think Mrs Mc Dog has hit the nail on the head there?