Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Who = Liverpool Direct Christmas Party
what = Rip off the public and sweeten up the staff
where = Adelphi Hotel
when = 15th December 2006
why = Coz they can
Comments = Starts 7pm, Macca will be there and his hench men and women withquite a lot of blonde women??
Hot and Cold Buffet
Top prizes to be won, e.g. Shower accessories, Boxing gloves, signed photograph of the EVIL CABAL.
Come along on the night to see where your council tax money goes?
contact = Rottweiller industries, Swiss Bank account number 4532896456


Tori Blare said...

I hope someone out there is going to this, what sounds a glourious event, and they could write a review for your blog??
That would be great, pictures from all the BT mobile phones would be an added bonus.
Does any one want to claim that honour I wonder?

Anonymous said...

You should know that the dirty doctor and his blonde friend kept a discreet distance from each other all night, although there was much coomment and speculation all evening about their later movements. The rottweiller looked particularly put out by the attentive sideways glances which he now seems to consistently attract from his colleagues. Goodness knows how she has the brass neck to show her face within fifty feet...

Anonymous said...

It frustrates the life out of me that I cannot control what you lot say. How anyone could be the remotest bit interested in a Liverpool Direct Xmas party, particularly when it has been funded from the proceeds stolen from the city council's taxpayers, is beyond me. Why anyone should think McElhinney's personal life and his abuse of the system to ensure his 'friends' get lucrative jobs with him, is also something of a puzzle to me. Obviously you lot don't have the slightest idea about democracy, justice or the truth.

Anonymous said...

Apropos of nothing in particular...the culture company's news outfit is really hitting the high notes at the moment. They are now managing to send out press releases AFTER the event - in the case below a full week AFTER the event happened and then the night AFTER it was televised nationally. So we weren't even able to tune in in time! Nothing like being abreast of events is there? Shame they didn't know about it before it was actually a been and gone event on the telly.
Whatever will the next Culture Co press releases say?
"Doddy was there too and he's from Liverpool."
"One of the Sugababes is a scouser, you know."
It's all getting rather desperate...

For Immediate Release Wednesday 13 December 2006


· Liverpool samba band supported pop starlets the Sugababes
· Drumming of Batala Liverpool part of Royal Variety Performance
· Images of rehearsals and interviews available

A LIVERPOOL samba band have supported pop sensations the Sugababes at this year’s Royal Variety Performance.

In front of the Prince of Wales and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, Batala Liverpool wowed audiences as they provide backing support for the pop group and the whole thing was televised nationally! Twenty members of the samba group took to the stage at the Coliseum in Trafalgar Square on Monday 4th December, for a performance of ‘Hole in the Head’, televised last night (12 December).

They were joined by the likes of Meat Loaf, Take That and newcomer James Morrison plus Connie Fisher from the programme How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? The Royal Variety Performance is an annual charity event in aid of the Entertainment Artistes Benevolent Fund

Stephen Murray from Batala Liverpool said: “Everyone’s is so excited that we were chosen to perform at such a prestigious event with such a fantastic group who are so well-known. One of the musicians who works with the Sugababes recommended us after the girls said they wanted something a bit different for such a big show. We’re the ‘something a bit different’!”

Batala is a form of Samba Drum music which originates in Salvador de Bahia in North Eastern Brazil. The name ‘batala’ is a derivation of the French for "hit there", a modern pun. In March 2005, Batala Liverpool was unleashed upon an unsuspecting world, as the latest expansion of the Batala family in the UK.

Liverpool City Council Leader Cllr Warren Bradley said: “It’s great to hear that Liverpool’s musical talents are spreading far and wide and even getting a royal audience, especially as it follows hot on the heels of the group’s successful samba festival.

"Pity we didn't get the press release out in time...."

Tori Blare said...

The DOG does not know the meaning of being "put out", he thinks people are eyeing him up coz they fancy him, as for the blonde, why pick on her for attending the function when the present Mrs Dog wanna be Hannay, was also there with the squirt who looks like Henshaw, Bennett and quite a number of the CABAL helpers.
I wish they would ALL be PUT OUT, literally.
The only way to do that is cut off the Liverpool Direct Limited contract, lets get our council workers back to the council and let Liverpool Direct Limited dissappear into the private sector where they belong.
The council is a none for profit organisation and I do not recall any law being passed that allows for private companies like British overpriced Telecom to steal our services that Liverpool City Council Tax payers have funded, then charge the same tax payers for the services they have already paid for, again?
Did I miss that one?

Tori Blare said...



LDL contract extended

Liverpool City Council and BT have agreed a five-year extension of the Liverpool Direct Limited (LDL) contract.

The contract will now run until 2017.

This will not affect staff who currently work for LDL. Employee secondment agreements will remain the same.

One stop shop staff will join LDL from 1 January 2007.


Anonymous said...

Was there kareoke?
Did Macca and Parr do a duet?

Did Henshaw turn up with his Lazzie band?

Any photo's

How much did it cost Liverpool?

Anonymous said...

Yes photos please anyone --- there must be some Pleeeeeaaasseee !!