Thursday, February 15, 2007

Question: How much did it cost the Culture Company to get Jayne Casey into bed for the night? Answer: £25,000 (apparently)


hey Tony, guess how much Jayne Casey was paid by the Culture Company to loll about on a bed for the night?
A cool £25 grand!!!!
You will remember that Jayne, once of the pop group, Big in Japan and now of The A Foundation and the 'Independents District' and a well known extremely gobby scouser who is also a bit loopy, was one of the, ahem, 'stars of the show' when the Culture Company launched its programme for 2008 in St Georges Hall?
This was when they spent a huge amount of money, God knows exactly how much on balloons, glitter and free nosh and booze for the invited guests including a number of leading Lib Dem councillors of course who were quick to get their noses in the trough.
But it is now common knowledge in the Culture Company that they paid Ms Casey an astonishing £25 grand to turn-up and do her stuff.
She was apparently one of the self-styled 'artistes' they hired to entertain the hoi polloi during the night.
Jayne's artistic contribution to the event's festivities took place in St George's Hall's small ballroom which was got up like a bordello, all crimson satin, lace and feathers and a huge bed.
She proceeded to invite passers by to join her on th bed. Not sure how many took her up on this, however.
This was all to do with some film she was promoting, but it was completely lost on me. And it seemed to me that harbarrowboy was desperate to have the self-appointed 'independents' on board for the launch.

so he probably reckoned £25 grand was cheap to make sure Jayne didn't go all gobby over culture and have a go.

not that jayne could be bought off by anyone, oh no.

hope this isn't too libellous for you Tone, but i thought people should know who and what their public money is being spent on when the council are making 50 million quids worth of cuts in services. No doubt even more money has been equally well spent...


Tony Parrish47 said...

This doesn't surprise me in the slightest. I am looking for a pic of the bed to go with this comment. does anyone have a pic of Jayne from the night?

Anonymous said...

Talking about general bdebauchery and stuff. Which extremely senior city councillors were carousing to the early hours and most definitely in their cups at the Crowne Plaze the other night? The wife of one of these extremely senior city councillors was also spotted in the ladies toilet with cans of lager in her handbag! She also 'whooped' approvingly, repeatedly and very loudly in that most distasteful american fashion whenever her husband spoke.