Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Liverpool City Council staff have been forced to work on the Bernard Matthews turkey crisis in Suffolk!
Specially trained social work staff who normally handle calls to the council's Careline have been ordered by McElhinney to take calls about bird flu instead!
Liverpool call centre staff have also been instructed to take calls as part of a contract the evil McElhinney has negotiated with DEFRA.
(Christ almighty, no wonder the council's own services are so bad, ed)
Careline is the social services call line for those vulnerable people who cam sometimes be in desperate need of help. It is also used to alert the proper authorities if someone is in an emergency.
(It is NOT for turkeys, ed)
But instead of answering such Careline calls at McElhinney's lair in (Misad)Venture Place, council staff are now taking calls about a mangey turkey outbreak miles away from Liverpool.
Staff are appalled at what they have been ordered to do - but dare not stand up to the evil rottweiller.
His 'yes sir, no sir' sidekick - Councillor Richard 'Inspector Clueless' Marbrow - is well aware of what is going on and has done his best to hush it all up.
Until now.
What makes the lucrative contract with DEFRA (how much is that worth then? ed) even more scandalous is that McElhinney (left) is acting illegally in forcing staff to comply.
(Doesn't it just show everyone that the arrogant **** has still not learnt his lesson and thinks he can get away with murder? ed)
Staff have been denied annual leave so that the LDL contract with DEFRA is covered.
Staff from the One Stop Shops have also been offered overtime to make sure the contract is covered.
Staff have even been taken out of the One Stop Shops during their normal working hours to help take calls.
But there is some good news...
McElhinney is shitting himself because city council Assistant Executive Director Peter Cosgrove has been informed of what has gone on.
Cosgrove is one of the genuinely good guys and although considered weak by some, would love to get McElhinney bang to rights.
Cosgrove has been copied into some damaging email correspondence which McElhinney sent to staff and the rottweiller has now gone off the deep end to try and cover his tracks (again, ed) .
In an attempt to bully and intimidate staff he has launched his own personal investigation into who forwarded what email, to whom and why.
The Head of Human Resources, Collette Hannay, has also become officially involved and is aware of how McElhinney has broken the law (she won't do anything about it, ed).
Not surprisingly, the thieving rottweiller has now enlisted his long-standing accomplice, the smiling assassin Hasitall to try and dig him out of the turkey shit!
It is all very hush hush and in the end, Colin 'Cover Up' can probably be relied upon to sweep up all the turkey shit into his fancy pigeon loft at the back of the MO.
So that's why we are telling you now...
And we would just add:
Isn't it about time that the city council put its own house in order FIRST?


Anonymous said...


I promise to pay my Council Tax in full and on time if you can help liberate us from Dr Dog

Anonymous said...


I have been informed that you have put your name down for any DEFRA overtime in the contact centre. Can you confirm if this is correct and if so what days (sat, sun or evenings) you would be available to work. Also I need a home or mobile number to contact you on should you be needed.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope cosgrove supplies the stuffing for McElhinney

Anonymous said...

This is unbelievable and i wouldnt believe it if i didnt know that so many of the other things that you have reported were true.

Its high time these people were stopped!

Dr mce said...

I never either

Housing Estate said...

Although some people somewhere, are worrying about a stinking turkey spreading disease across the world.
Most of us are more concerned abbout public services and value for money for those services.
Instead we find that those who are in charge of our council tax spending would rather spend the money and staff time on helping paranoid people from some other town again!
First we have Chas Cole and his Summer pops, taking hard earned money from the tax payer to fund a concert in Sefton, then we have this, helping people who don't even live in Liverpool.
Why do I pay my council tax at all?
I couldn't get through to Liverpool Direct yesterday and it was a really important call, relating to Liverpool.
I wonder now if it was because others were moaning on about their Sunday dinner being ruined?
It's an absolute disgrace, maybe if we all moved to another borough, we may get the services we have already paid for?

Macca, shove the turkey up your arse!
Or is Henshaw still up there?

Bearded lady said...


The DOG said...

Stick a feather up my arse and tell me I'm not Jesus!

Tori Blare said...

Haven't we got enough Turkey's already in the council?
Maybe it was Macca and co who are really the mangey Turkey's and the Bird Flu is code for The Evil Cabal gang? It truly is a disease the corruption that goes on in the business world!

Byrney said...

Stuff it up your arse good doctor, I really hope you get bird flu, or one of your new blondes does.

bernard said...

Will you buy my turkey's please?
They really are bootiful not Maccaspoilt at all!

I smell corruption, where did thatpackage from the other country come from?
I noticed some sign on it, can anyone help?
It had a logo called LDL?
What is that?

YOZZA said...

I could stuff that!!
Giz a Job???

MILDRED said...

As long as the DOG is working for BT I refuse to use their company.
As long as the DOG is involved with ABE I refuse to fight for them.
As long as the DOG takes calls from DEFRA I refuse to eat turkey.
As long as the Liverpool City Council allow the DOG to continue to steal and do absolutely nothing to stop it, Can I now refuse to pay my council tax?