Tuesday, April 03, 2007


LIB DEM Councillor Richard Kemp is fond of complaining about the actions of other councillors.
In particular, we are told, Councillor Kemp (or Clever Dick to his mates) seems to object to some councillors emailing their colleagues from their place of work. (more of this in the future, ed)
So, imagine our surprise and consternation when the email missive below arrived for our perusal.
For it has originated from none other than Councillor Kemp, architect of the Boot Estate fiasco, self-styled housing 'expert' and arrogant tosser.
And what's this????????
Has he really abused the computer of the PLUS Group (the parent company for CDS Housing) and their email facilities, to send out his self-important thoughts about council business????
Shurely shome mistake, Clever Dick?
Complaints about this abuse of position and facilities, should be sent to The PLUS Group Chief Executive Ken Perry. Preferably by EMAIL. Here's his contact details:

Email: ken.perry@plusgroupltd.org.uk

Telephone: 0151 708 4611

And here's the Kemp email about Everton and Liverpool (talk about an own goal! ed)

From: richard.kemp@plusgroupltd.org.uk [mailto:richard.kemp@plusgroupltd.org.uk]

Sent: 02 April 2007 13:30

To: Radford, Steve

Cc: Dean, Alan; Fearnehough, Alan; Walker, Alan (Councillor); Makinson, Andrew; Tremarco, Andrew; Rothery, Anna; Hines, Ann; Collinge, Barbara; Mace, Barbara; Fraenkel, Beatrice; BentonJ@parliament.uk; Williams, Ben; Turner, Berni; Ousby, Bob; Lenton, Chris; Newby, Chris; Eldridge, Colin; Antrobus, Dave; Hanratty, Dave; Irving, David; Jones, Doreen; Knight, Doreen; Clein, Eddie; Allen, Elaine; ellmanl@parliament.uk; Kemp, Erica; Clucas, Flo; Cooke, Frank; Doran, Frank; Prendergast, Frank; Ben-Tovim, Gideon; Hulme, Graham; Williams, Hazel - Councillor; Jobling, Ian; Phillips, Ian; Ian Macdonald; Spriggs, Jack; Corbett, Jane; jane.kennedy@parliament.uk; Clein, Jan; Seddon, Jean; Lang, Joan; Anderson, Joe (Councillors /Municipal Buildings); Hanson, Joseph; Clucas, John; Coyne, John; McIntosh, John; Mullen, Josephine; Afford, Karen; Turner, Keith; Firth, Kevin; kilfoylep@parliament.uk; Reid, Kiron; Sidorczuk, Laurence; Buckle, Linda-Jane; Baldock, Louise; Kelly, Malcolm; Kennedy, Malcolm; Fielding, Marilyn; Storey, Mike; Stewart, Nadia; Small, Nick; Mills, Norman; Holleran, Patricia; Keaveney, Paula; Walton, Pauline; Brant, Paul; Clark, Paul; Clein, Paul; Millea, Peter; Allen, Peter; Roberts, Richard; Kemp, Richard; Marbrow, Richard; Oglethorpe, Richard; White, Richard; Quinn, Robbie; Johnston, Roger; Gould, Ron; Bailey, Rose; Gladden, Roz; Sullivan, Sharon; Kelsey, Sarah; STAPLETONJ@parliament.uk; Hurst, Stephen; Munby, Stephen; Monkcom, Stuart; Marshall, Tom; Gould, Tina; Best, Vera; Bebb, Violet; wareingr@parliament.uk; Bradley, Warren (Leader of the City Council)

Subject: RE: Keeping Everton in the City

Ian and Members,

You may recall that some years ago when I had responsibility for this I made continual efforts to get Everton to come and talk with the Council. After a year without even getting an acknowledgement I gave up. Liverpool replied to the initial letter within hours of receiving it.

Cllr Richard Kemp,mobile 07885 626913


Anonymous said...

ooooohhhhhhhhh it would be great if you could get him Tony.

Anonymous said...

Kemp... competent.... straight... Boot Estate....?

Tori Blare said...

Get out in May and BOOT him out!

Anonymous said...

what happened to the officers who decided to drop the Liverpool sound company for the 2005 Matthew street festival? I know that it was changed back last year but still!