Thursday, May 17, 2007


THE knives are out for Standards chief Beatrice Fraenkel because of her obvious unhappiness with the Lib Dem group.

Moves are underway to de-select Counc Fraenkel, who chairs the council's Standards Committee which is laughably meant to monitor the behaviour of councillors (which committee monitors the behaviour of senior officers then? ed)

The Cressington Ward councillor has made it clear to the city's great and good, of which she is a fairly permanent habitue, that she has become increasingly disenchanted with fireman Bradley's motley crew.

Her unhappiness is long standing and goes back as far as the civil war which erupted between Storey and Henshaw.

Apparently she has complained consistently ever since about the Lib Dem's lack of delivery and their persistent failure to improve the city council's services.

She has also made it clear to close confidantes that she is unhappy at the do-nothing drift and lack of direction which £250,000-a-year Cover Up has cleverly masterminded for the last year.

There has been some feverish speculation that Fraenkel, who is, (completely bizarrely, ed) the council's 'design guru', might even cross the floor to Labour.

To nip any such disastrous defection in the bud, senior Lib Dem's are now plotting to de-select her from her ward.

So she will be pushed, before she can jump.

Or before she can summon, for starters, fellow Lib Dem Councillors Clucas, Kemp and Hurst to give evidence to her committee and account for their astonishing actions, which we have detailed elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

The desperate death throes of an administration that has lost its way and of course its moral compasses - thats if it ever had them in the first place

Look forward to 11 long months of painful convulsions and jitters before it finally and mercifully ends next May

Anonymous said...

Thought you would like to know that Henshaw has virtually ceased living at Barkhill Road in Aigburth, which is uo for sale, although there is no sign up. Henshaw is also now spending much of his time at a luxury penthouse apartment in Manchester, which is where Mrs Henshaw also works. So they seem to be moving cities. Watch out Mancs!

Tori Blare said...


Anonymous said...

The Mancunians aren't daft enough to be blackmailed like we were.

Beatrice Fraenkel always seemed far too nice a lady to keep the company of the ruling group's rotters, hope she does the decent thing before they shaft her.

Anonymous said...

One less Liberal Democrat infesting the City, that sounds good to me!


Anonymous said...

BEATRICE FINDS OUT THIS FRIDAY 16h NOVEMBER IF SHE GETS DE-SELECTED! Rumours are that Paula Keaveney (dumped LibDem coucnillor for Speke-Garston and failed parliamentary candidate) are standing in here way. Join Labour B..Do it NOW!