Saturday, October 28, 2006


I have it on good authority (?) that Jane Wolstenholme, esteemed editress of the Liverpool Daily Post is leaving to become a full-time novelist.
Ms Wolstenholme is, of course, also married to PR supremo Jon Brown, who last caught the attention of bloggers when he turned up at the side of Chas 'show me the money' Cole to brief the Liverpool Echo about the appearance of Madonna at the Summer Pops in 2008.
This was, of course, complete fiction, which the Echo duly swallowed.
Not surprisingly, since Mr Brown had previously been deputy editor of the Echo. (Liverpool is a real media village, isn't it? ed)
Anyway good luck to the lovely Jane, who has already penned her first work of fiction, which is attractively described as part of the 'chick-lit' genre.
She has had a six figure advance from Simon and Shuster to come up with the second novel next year and in between will be helping out Mr Brown's successful PR business in the city.
She will apparently rejoice in the pen-name of Jane Costello, so will fit on the shelves alongside Joan and Jackie Collins. (Nothing wrong with pen-names, ed)
And good luck to the lovely Mr Brown, (So we are being equally sexist then, are we? ed) who will no doubt be working hard to keep her in the style to which she has been accustomed.
We should point out gratefully, that under Ms Wolstenholme (ooerrmissus), (thought the non sexism was too good to last, ed) the Daily Post has knocked spots off its craven stablemate, the Liverpool Echo.
The Echo has ensured that its readers remain blissfully ignorant of all the scandal and corruption orchestrated by the evil cabal who governed the city.
Readers can instead concentrate all their attention on the Echo's unremittingly depressing diet of gun crime, drugs and 'D' list celebrities.
We can only hope that Ms Wolstenholme's successor shows similar journalistic talent and integrity.


Anonymous said...

I think Jane's apparent success has got more to do with the fact that Ali Machray, Echo ed, and his deputy Andrew Campbell, don't understand the city and have systematically dragged the Echo down to new levels since they took charge. Low-life gun crime spalsh, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Jane has been a good editor for the city and the Post has been doing a good job. Sadly it appears Liverpool people prefer the awful Echo, but then there's no accounting for taste.

Post horn said...

The Echo is an embarassment at the mo. The Post has a go, from time to time, but is still supine considering the depths of depravity being trawled at the corpy.

Anonymous said...

Machray has tabloidised the ECHO.
For a man so hilariously pompous and arrogant, he's done nothing but sensationalise and drag the paper down to new depths, much as he did at Daily Post Wales.
Jane is an inspiration. Beautiful, intelligent and far superior to her male counterparts, including John Major's stunt-double, Mark Thomas...