Sunday, October 29, 2006


Tony Parrish08 said...

There's a strong rumour that Jude Kelly is being poached from London's Olympic thing as a new Cultural Ambassador for the Culture Co (after the departure of Robbing). Some announcement expected next month. Ironic this, since she was Mike Storey's first choice to be Artistic Director, only to over-ruled by Sir Diddy, who plumped for Robbing. Maybe Storey is finally getting his own way now? No one seems sure exactly what Kelly's role will be, although her Scouse antecedents seem to have provided the necessary comfort blanket for the great and the good.

Anonymous said...

Robbing Archer was paid £350,000 to go quietly, according to one highly-placed source.

Colette H said...

There was a kerfuffle on the other web site about who employs Dr Death McElhinney now - the city council or Liverpool Direct. The answer is both, apparently. He gets a salary from both, which must make him the highest paid bureacrat next to Sir Diddy. Never mind two jags, Dr Death is two jobs!

Tori Blare said...

If that wages thing was correct then it would be on public record somewhere wouldn't it???

Tony Parrish47 said...

What wages thing? That McElhinney is getting two salaries? It might be, but i doubt whether Colin Cover up will want to reveal all. I bet if anyone asked a simple question about what the salary of the chief excec was, they would say they couldn't answer it because it was personal information. You try. Mkaes a nonsense of freedom of information. Not when it applies to the salaries of public servants. Or their status - who employs him? LDL or the city council

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Tori Blare said...

I phoned Liverpool Direct and asked for the 3 monkey's.
They were a bit perplexed as they were unsure who the Monkey's actually were?
I gave them the details and told them I wanted something covering up with White paint, I have been informed that they only have magnolia now as all the white paint was used in the Whitewash 08!
How will cover up Hilton cope now?
Maybe he could start using Yellow instead as this matches his charector, yellow by paint colour yellow by nature.