Sunday, November 11, 2007


The following is a message we have received from one of our many reliable sources inside the Culture Company. We have no reason to doubt its authencity.

You are right to speculate about the future and well-being of poor Jason. I am reliably informed that despite his truly astounding efforts to soldier on in the face of his mutiple ailments he has with a very heavy (and extremely dicky) heart agreed to remain in his austere Spanish sanatorium for the foreseeable future . Leading medical opinion is seemingly clear that any further exposure to Liverpool's notoriously toxic micro-climate may prove fatal to a man of Jason's fragile and sensitive constitution. According to my very well placed source the bitter disappointment of exile has been tempered by a thoroughly deserved farewell gift from the Council Tax payers of Liverpool believed to be in th region of £300,000. I understand that we can all thank our ever-generous Chief Executive Mr Colin-cover-up-Hilton for this thoughtful gesture of civic grattitude. It will be some small consolation for the ailing Jason as he stoically submits to his harrowing therapeutic regime.


Anonymous said...

If this is true, what legal justification is there for giving such a payout?

Q1. Has he resigned?
If yes, there should be no payoff.
Q2. Has he been dismissed?
If yes, there should be no payoff
Q3. Retirement due to ill health?
What were the terms and conditions of employment, where is the medical evidence and does this match with other employees in this situation?
Q4. Has he been through the capability procedure for people on long-term absence?
If no, why should this apply to any other employee?
Q5. This is almost equal to the Henshaw payoff. Who gave final authorisation?
Q6.Under equality of opportunity can all staff and management make a complete balls up and expect a huge financial reward?
If yes there should be a lot of payouts due.

The Labour Leader Joe Anderson and or the Liberal Group leader Steve Radford need to be shouting at the top of their voices to every media organisation and voter they can find. What the hell are they waiting for? If either is hoping for power they are watching their inherited budget deficit grow and grow by the day. The local media is bought off, go national, issue press releases put it in your damned leaflets to your voters. This blog doesn't reach enough of them to see the catalogue of shame that could really influence them if they knew what was going on. Even if only a quarter of what appears here is true, the people of Liverpool are being mocked by a self serving, greedy, deceitful bunch of despots who will be on the first tram out of here as soon as they have squeezed every last ounce from of this goldmine.

It is tragic that even if 2008 is hailed a success and I am sure it will be, vast amounts of money have been squandered and sidelined to greedy vultures that have no interest no connection and no passion for Liverpool.

Too many of these people have behaved disgracefully and even if there is a spectacular opening event and worthy events throughout the year it does not excuse what has gone on, or behaviour that amounts to incompetence, greed and deceit.

The trick of the COC and Bradley’s cronies is to use the old Tory line accusing any challenge to the effects of their odious policies as "Talking down Britain". The same trick is being used here as any criticism is seen as trying to damage our great opportunity. Well too bloody late! You can write Liverpool 2008 in 10,000 mile letters on the sodding Moon and it won't undo the damage that has been done to the reputation of Liverpool.

There is a legacy all right, Henshaw's and it's alive and kicking.


Anonymous said...

Good comment. But our readers are tired of this. They would much rather read about crime than the council. Celebrity rather than culture cock-ups. Million pound property deals instead of millions of pounds being wasted. So tough shit matey. Keep on reading this blog - no one else does.

Anonymous said...

Tony(s) Why dont you just remind Echo Ed about the blog hits.

Anonymous said...

Famous Quotes from one of our famous firemen:
" That man will get the position as Chief Executive of the Culture Company over my dead body !! "

" Where has all the money gone ? "

He did get the job and now he will know where all the money has gone to pay him and his cronies off, I bet its tax free as well because he is a Spanish resident now! It's a shame he could not have planned 2008 as well as he did his exit strategy - took us all to the cleaners and right under our very noses, people where saying it all along but they would not listen.

I bet high ranking local authority officers are fighting to work for Liverpool council if only for the major pay offs when you cock it all up !!
They must be queing down the M6 to get in here!!

Anonymous said...

May I remind your readers that not ALL council workers are corrupt and stupid, most of us are hard working honest people who love our City of Liverpool.
The tossers that rule us are the real corrupt officers, they have ensured that ALL council workers are now ashamed of working for blatant thieves and liars and try not to show this in their C.V's when they try and escape to pastures new.
Where once as workers we knew the purpose of our roles was to serve the public of Liverpool and try and increase the general standards of living of the council tax payers.
Now we only know that we must cut and cut some more the services that enable the people of Liverpool to live decent lives, we cut and cut again the services to the elderly, we cut and completly destroy the youth services in Liverpool and wonder why kids are creating riot in the streets of disrepear. The real council workers are bullied into submission and their careers are ruined.
Unless of course if your name is Jason Harrowboy, or Henshaw or McEllhinney or Halsal or Hilton or Corbett, if you come into the Cabal area, your pay off is guarenteed with a 10% bonus for the biggest cock up of the year competition.
I and many other council workers feel sick with shame and anger at the corruption from within the walls of the Liverpool Council Chambers.