Sunday, January 06, 2008


THE cost of the opening ceremony is spiralling out of control and has already touched £3million.

That's quite an achievement, since only four months ago the official estimate for the opening ceremony was just £1.3million.

So the cost has already more than doubled and appears to be well on course to treble.

The Culture Company is throwing money at both the event in the Arena and the open air event at St George's (for us plebs, eds) in a desperate attempt to avoid a massive CoC Up.

It will be interesting to see how the city council explains this lack of basic financial control and management when it goes cap in hand to the Government asking it to bail out CoC to the tune of £20million.

It is the outdoor public event which, predictably, is causing most concern.

One of the highlights (sic, eds) is Ringo standing on top of the roof of St George's Hall to wave to the swooning crowds below. (Pictured - waving, not falling, eds)

(And thereby promote his new album Liverpool 8, eds)

But old Ringo is getting on in years now and is apparently getting a bit dodgy on his pins.

He apparently doesn't fancy scrambling across the roof like a teenage cat burglar. Some alarm has been expressed in the Ringo camp at the fate which might befall him.

So all kinds of extra safety measures are now being introduced to try and persuade Mr Starkey that he will be pefectly safe in the hands of the Coc Up brigade.

(If he believes that, he's dafter than he looks, eds)

One of the biggest financial headaches is that the CoC Up brigade failed to hire all the massive plant equipment that is needed for a major outdoor event.

So now they are having to pay over the odds and virtually bribe plant firms to come to the rescue.

Amazingly some companies have told them to **** off, after earlier experiences with the dolts in charge.
Anyway it's clear now, reassuringly, that Ringo never forgot Liverpool 8.
But whether he will be able to find the time in a busy promotional schedule to visit some of the three bedroomed council houses in Liverpool 8 which have still not got central heating (this is the 21st century isn't it? eds) is another question.
The city council certainly appears to have forgotten Liverpool 8.
Quite how many new central heating systems £3million could buy is anyone's guess, of course.
Still, the tenants of Toxteth can always jig about in their front rooms while they listen to Murkeyside or City endlessly playing Ringo's latest album in a desperate effort to take it to No 1.
We're sure that will keep the whinging tenants warm enough.


Tori Blare said...

I haven't got central heating and I own my own house!
Maybe if Ringo threw himself off St Georges roof instead of just waving, that would attract more public funding, people would pay to see that.

Anonymous said...

That will be close on 3 million for both events the outdoor and the arena wont it?

Anonymous said...

Dont be daft they have been working on this for 16 months now they must have at least booked the equipment?

Anonymous said...

Ringo is well worth 2 million is'nt he?

Anonymous said...

What happens if the weather is this bad? do we lose 2 million? seems daft doing an outdoor event at this time of year, or am I being too sensible?

Perhaps it can be cancelled on Health and Safety grounds?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps yasser arafat could step in for him?
Oh no he's dead, never mind I am sure a look alike could do it after all he cant play drums any more anyway and you will hardly be able to see him.
seems like a mad idea to me cant see the point myself- must be an arty event, some thing for discussion maybe?
Well we are getting something for everyone arn't we?

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the city spending money on the elderly after all Ringo is a pensioner now and he used to live here y'know.

3 million well spent on care for the elderly.

how much is Jane Casey getting for her part in all this?

Anonymous said...

Tried to log on to this site today at 'Total Fitness' gym, using the members internet access terminals. The site is deemed unaccessable!

Total Fitness was previously owned by a Mr Albert Gubay, he sold out a couple of years back. However it is he who has just offered a generous(sic) £20m land deal to the council, to help bail out CoC. It may be possible the council have a corporate membership scheme with this gym. Now it would be tempting for citizens and council employees to access the latest insider news, wouldn't it, when it is banned elsewhere around the city. Does this qualify as being a Liberal and Democratic...action. Let me know I am confused, I need to be sure when I have to vote in May.

Stori Blare said...

Most council employees are not so stupid not to be aware that they can access your blog on their own computers!
What is Radiorogerside hinting at? Lib Dem conspiracy? Surely not!

Anonymous said...

You can log on and blog from your home computer without any risk of being prevented or 'found out'