Tuesday, November 07, 2006


WORD on the streets is that Roger 'voice of the people' Phillips has turned down an offer to become Liverpool's cultural Ambassador.
The BBC Radio Merseyside presenter was offered the poisoned chalice by the Harbarrowboy.
'Jase' had been given the go-ahead by Councillors Bradley and Storey after the hoo-hah following Robbing's departure.
But Phillips sensibly said 'no', astutely realising that he would be on a hiding to nothing if he succumbed to the Culture Company's blandishments. (He means public money, ed)
One BBC colleague said: "He was very flattered to be asked, but decided the role was just not right for him.
"After the departure of Robbing Archer, the Culture Company clearly need someone who can be the front man for Culture and who will be trusted by the public.
"Roger fitted the bill perfectly, is very loyal to Liverpool and has no ego whatsoever, which would have been a nice change from all that has gone before.
"But it would have compromised his own editorial independence and caused Auntie Beeb some real problems too."
Both Bradley and Storey were known to be very keen on the trusted Phillips, whose long-standing connections with the Everyman and Playhouse gave him extra cultural credibility.
Bradley, it is believed, had earlier blocked suggestions from the Harbarrowboy that the Cultural Ambassador should be none other than Phil Redmond, lugubrious millionaire ex-boss of Brookside and 'mastermind' behind the preposterous plan for Liverpool to become Capital of Christmas (and an alleged mate of Sir Diddy's, ed).

(A lengthy editorial aside now follows: if anyone else has any other alliterative ideas for Liverpool to become Capital of anything else, can you please forget them and go back to the drawing board? The last thing we want for the next five years is for Liverpool to become Capital of Karaoke, Capital of Car Jacking, Capital of Cream Crackers or Capital of Cobblers (well we might make an exception with that one). Such ideas may well excite the Echo, but they really belong on the cutting room floor of a third rate public relations agency. Now where were we? ed)

Bradley believed Redmond would only use the position to soften up the ground for his bid to become elected Mayor of Liverpoool, post 2008.
So he wasn't going to let that happen.
Now that Roger Phillips has wisely spurned the Culture Company, it's not clear whether the Harbarrowboy will continue to pursue his hunt for another Cultural Ambassador to 'front' the whole show.
Perhaps we will see a glorious repeat of the disastrous Bet Lynch appointment?
Nominations for Ambassador anyone?


DMc said...

Is Sir Diddy out of the question?

Tony Parrish47 said...

**** off

Madonna said...

I quite like Capital of Karaoke....

Anonymous said...

Looks like Flo Clucas is looking for a move...?

Jase said...

What about Capital of Cock-Ups? That can't be banned, surely?

Citizen Smith said...

It's true that Culture needs someone to front it tho. Robbing was obviously ridiculous. Bradley is still mining his 'erm, I'm just an ordinary Liverpool lad, like, knoworramean?' territory and doesn't have the weight or status. Colin Cover-up has no personality and the politicians wouldn't allow it. Redmond would have been a laugh because that would have caused such a huge fuss it would have been fascinating to watch the battles erupt. Storey is in the wilderness still. Perhaps in his eagerness to try and neutralise the A Foundation and the independent sector, Jason is thinking about fielding Jayne Casey? She would be a great joke to play on the people of Liverpool. Terry Leahy? Sue Woodentop? Sir Bob could be brought back in out of the cold. Perhaps we should ask Chas Cole if he has any pop star mates with a Liverpool connection? And not Pete Wylie for God's sake. It would be helpful if we could avoid any professional Scousers, knoworrameanlike?

Anonymous said...

Joe Riley. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Tony Parrish. Obviously.

Anonymous said...

Dandy Pat!

Wavertree resident said...

I don't see why Mike Storey can't front the culture bid. he did it before and he is not leader anymore so no one should object to that. why can't he do it?

Anonymous said...

Rex Makin would be a good Ambassador!

Tori Blare said...

Who keeps backing Sexy Rexy for all the different awards?
Is it Sexy himself?
First he is nominated for a I'm Tony Parrish Award, then this one!!
no No No No Please God NO.

Cheri Bomb said...

The obvious answer, Bootle's very own Cheri Blair... priceless legal expertise, peerless political connections, big fan of Sir Diddums and impeccable cultural credentials - after all, were not her father and hubby both among the finest actors of their generations?