Thursday, November 02, 2006


STRONG rumour in the city has it that Flo Clucas, the Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Europe, is preparing to cross the floor to Labour.
The veteran Lib Dem had her nose pushed out earlier this year when she was well beaten into third place in the election of a new leader, after Storey took a powder.
There is no love lost between new leader Warren Bradley and Councillor Clucas, who was, of course, one of Henshaw's biggest fans in the days of the evil cabal.
Henshaw deliberately courted her as a rival power base to Storey and when Sir Diddy delivered his blackmail note to the city, she failed to rally round her Leader.
Then she proceeded to swan around Europe slagging Storey off, according to Labour Euro MP's.
Quite how she would get on in the Labour group if she crossed the floor, is anyone's guess.
Some would see it as a cynical last-ditch attempt by her to get her hands on power before the Lib Dems are booted out.
Others would see it as an egomaniac's last throw of the dice.
Others would see it as complete madness.
The Lib Dems have been busily rubbishing these rumours of defection, but a wise counsellor says caution should be exercised before anyone completely dismisses the idea.


A voter said...

Dont much care so long as Clueless joins Marbrow in the Job Centre in May thats fine by me

Tori Blare said...

The woman is a TORY,

Ged Rid of the All and Start Again. said...

maybe she could put one of her chins up for election instead?
Im sure they could do a better job than her and they would not stab their party in the back and play with the DEVIL. Never trust a party alliance jumper, the type of person that can change their views from extreme right conservative to middle of the road humdrum is not in politics to help people they are there for the glory and what is in it for them. Besides the Labour Party would not let her join them, they have too much respect for the people of Liverpool to allow that to happen.

Cllr Steve Radford said...

As a former member of the SDP and havingaa socialist contempt for people wanting live in their own homes and not be demolished The Labour Party deserves her

Liberal Democrat or New Labour - all good social democrats together !

Cllr Steve Radford
Leader of The Liberal Party Group

Flokluklux said...

Her legacy sums up the last few years' repulsive regime - contempt for democratic procedure (the woman walks out of her own select committy scrutinies, and has regularly barred members of the public from addressing and even attending meetings), and grotesque money wasting on a grand scale (housing repair contracts with pal Charlie Parker's Enterprise plc run into millions, but the city's housing department is the still worst in the country).

She won't be missed. Labour would be insane to let her anywhere near them.

Tori Blare said...

To cllr Steve Radford, Say that to any face of the Labour Party. We all know you won't don't we Steve?
What good idea have you stolen from the Labour Party and called it your own lately?
I would say the Liberal Party deserve Flo, however, she would be too bored in Tuebrook as there are no council estates round there to mess up.Its her fault that Norris Green has so many problems with stupid kids who think they are gangsters.
Steve, lets not get real socialism and your mickey mouse club mixed up eh?
The Labour party would NOT let her become a councillor in their name.
She would have to run as an independant Tory TW*T

A Tory said...

She most certainly wont be welcome in our party !

Anonymous said...

Flo's not gonna defect to Labour. Tory if anything. But watch out for Chris Newby and Beatrice Frankeal (she's been thinking about it for years...sources say she's about to do it, apparently hates Bradley and Marbrow the fat T**T)

Tori Blare said...

A hatred of Bradley and Marbrow is not criteria for Labour membership, although if one does not like the leadership of one's party then use your democratic rights and vote them out.
No-one wants any defectors, they are not to be trusted ever.
Let them rot in their self made hell called the Liberal Democrats.