Monday, November 19, 2007

JASE: 'I shall return" or "I haven't done a deal yet, so anything could still happen, manana."

DISAPPOINTING news about Jase today - he won't be returning to the Fun Palace for another TWO WEEKS!

The Harbarrowboy had been due to turn up bright and early at Millennium House today to evict Donald Bullshitter from his office.

Donald had moved into the office as "acting" chief executive, while poor Jase was licking ice creams for his heart condition back at the hacienda.

Some Culture Company staff even turned up for work earlier than normal this morning in a bid to witness the eviction of the Bullshitter.

But all to no avail.

Poor Jase couldn't manage to summon up the strength to leave his hammock and return to Liverpool.

Instead he reported to Colin CoverUp that he didn't feel quite up to it - but thought he might be a bit better in a fortnight.

However, he apparently made it clear that when he came back, he would need to "ease himself" into the full swing of things in the run-up to 2008.

So don't expect Jase to be immediately running around like a blue-arsed fly sorting everything out.

(Some hope of that, eds.)

Some terrible cynics might think that Jase is delaying his return to allow the fall-out from Mathew Street to clear.

Then he can be greeted like a returning hero. (No chance of that, eds.)

But as we all know - thanks to the excellent official city council report - Jase has nothing to fear from Mathew Street.

He did nothing wrong at all. Nothing went wrong while he was in charge. It was all that fella Lee Forde's fault in the first place.

Any suggestion otherwise would be a disgraceful calumny on all the excellent work that Jase has put in, for so little reward and absolutely no thanks at all from you ungrateful bastards.

Does anyone seriously expect poor Jase, as the £150,000-a-year (plus Performance Related Pay, eds) chief executive of the Culture Company, to take any interest at all in something called the Mathew Street Festival?

Don't be silly, Jase has far better things to do - breakfasts and lunches to go to; drinks to partake of; wealthy nobs to hob with; cock-ups to mastermind.

Jase is too busy making 2008 the most fantastic spectacle Liverpool has ever seen.

(Too fucking right, it's going to be an amazing spectacle, eds)

So, sadly, we will have to wait until December 3rd to see Jase again.

And we sincerely hope he will be given a welcome fit for such a returning hero.


Tori Blare said...


Anonymous said...

Jase won't be back, ever. No one wants to work with him. His credibility was fukt anyway. Now he's just 'dead man walking'. Possibly literally!

Anonymous said...

Here, here! Don't see why I should pay for him either

Anonymous said...

cmon Warren get the chequebook out Ive got a hacienda to pay for

Tori Blare said...

Lee Forde and Chris Green's Email proving Jase and co already knew, has made the decision for Jase as to if he will return to council chambers,I think it is fair to say?

Anonymous said...

he's such a hard-faced bastard, he might still try and see if he can outlast bradley and storey. But there is more about him still to come....

Anonymous said...

eeeeh Bah Guum Its tekkin long taime ta geit this cheque saagned Warren tha knuuws whats goin on ? Tha gev Diddy and Robbing theres mooch sooner didnt ya

Anonymous said...

Old Jase and Greenie may just get together and oust the Lib Dems, they have nothing to lose and Jase is a vindictive little bugger I believe.
Must be in the nature of short arse usless twats like him and diddy.

Anonymous said...

More e-mail leakage please this is great !

Anonymous said...

This is fantasy. If by some fluke or mischance, Joe Anderson got in power next May, he would be unable to remove any senior officers at all - or even cut their salaries. Their pay and conditions are covered by national agreement and trying to stop any of them getting their performance related pay would be the city council tearing up a national agreement - which would probably bring every chief exec in the country out on strike in sympathy. Anderson is trying to kid people - he would not be able to do antyhing about Hilton or Halsall or Harbarrow or Mcelhinney - he couldn't even reduce their expenses. This is all political posturing - if anything could be done, the Lib Dems would have already done it. Why would they want to keep Halsall or McElhinney or Harbarrow? The only way any of these guys is going is voluntarily. Now can we please move on?

Anonymous said...

Fantasy? I'm living a fantasy. I appointed Harbarrow. I didn't need to, but I did. And I promoted Hilton and Green. Didn't need to do that either!

But I made sure Joe Anderson didn't get a look in. These appointments were all my own work. Clever, doncha think?

I am clever, Mum, aren't I?

Mummmmm!! Aren't I???

worried badly

Tori Blare said...

To the anonymous person who spoke of National Agreements.
These agreements are always broken, every day by the people in charge, i.e. Hilton Mcelhinney, Halsal, etc etc.
these people know how to get round any agreement and you will usually find a little known clause that will allow these people to rip off the tax payers they are supposed to be serving.
If every Chief Executive went out on strike as suggested, we would save a fortune in pay for that period of time and possibly pay off some Lib Dem created debts.
I think you will find there are separate agreements for Chief Executives and making too much money heads of services.
They CAN be disciplined and through this be made accountable for their actions.
Usually though these people cover up so much that people in other departments find that they were to blame for the latest cock up and resign or disappear.
The local media are always told of these events but choose to ignore it.
If councillors get involved trying to find the truth, they are bullied and made to look foolish. Ask Steve Munmby about that one.
So how do we get the truth out?
What can we do to stop the corruption?
Let as many people as we can know the truth and then from small ripples in the sea will come a great wave to wash the scum away.
Keep it up Tony's, you are the voice of real Liverpool and not Trinity Liverpool.

Anonymous said...

Yes Tony's please keep up all the good work

Anonymous said...

When aam i gonna git yon big fat cheque Varren?