Friday, November 30, 2007


MORE on Fireman Bradley's banning of The Farm from Capital of Culture because they are backing Lee Forde....
Of course our lovable pop mop tops do not know anything at all about the 'Bradley ban' - no one in the Culture Company has had the bottle to break it to them so far.

Mouth Almighty Jane Casey (oh god is she still around? eds) had a meeting yesterday about the Opening Ceremony with Peter Hooton from The Farm and never mentioned the ban once.

That's because she didn't know about it and has been too busy recently counting all the loot she has been paid by the Culture Co to keep her gob shut.

So The Farm are still waiting to be told about the Fireman Bradley ban - ordered because he does not like The Farm for publicly and proudly supporting scape-goated Lee Forde over Mathew St.

However, we can also reveal that so childish and petty is Fireman Bradley that he actually refused to play the new CoC vid at a recent meeting, because 'All Together Now' was still on the soundtrack.

How much more embarrassing to the city of Liverpool can this foolish fireman get? (Oh there's tons more of this stuff to come - just you wait, eds)

Bradley's childish megalomaniac antics have caused much disbelief and merriment in the Fun Palace, which now has the unenviable task of producing an expensive new soundtrack.

(It would be a good Freedom of Information question to put to Colin CoverUp so that we could try to unravel the precise cost of the Bradley ban, wouldn't it? eds. Then someone could send Bradley a bill for wasting council taxpayer's money.)

Despite trying to commission the new soundtrack, Culture staff have yet to work out how to tell Casey that The Farm are off the Opening Ceremony bill.

(They can read it here, can't they? eds)

Of course, the lovable popsters might be back on the bill straightaway, if something unfortunate were to suddenly happen to Fireman Bradley between now and Christmas (what ever can he mean? eds)

Perish that thought....


Anonymous said...

what a plonker

Anonymous said...

Hey. We support this Lee Forde fella as well.

Anonymous said...

Doe Warren Bradley really have that kind of power?
I thought he was an ineffective tosser that everyone in the Council ignored and was embarrassed by.
Wow he really is a tough cookie is'nt he, I hope i never upset him.

Anonymous said...

Wounded Badley is ma bitch

Anonymous said...

No Way Man that Ho is all mine

Anonymous said...

Why don't the Doctor and hasitall compromise and spit roast him

Anonymous said...

The same old story again
All those tears shed in vain
Nothing learnt and nothing gained
Only hope remains

All together now, all together now !