Thursday, February 21, 2008



Jase, who according to an anonymous whistle-blower knows all about the Fireman's Freebie, has meanwhile moved into new offices at the Corn Exchange.
He has also unveiled a web site for Harborow Associates, complete with details of his Spanish address - which he shares with one of his business partners, Roz Hughes.
Below is an extract from the site, if you can't be arsed looking.
Needless to say it is full of the most self-important bollocks that you will ever have the misfortune to read.
Together with the ugliest prose, including schoolboy spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
Eeeeh bah gum.

Harborow Associates was established at the beginning of 2008. A team of world-class professionals have been pulled together to offer a range of services specialising in sport, leisure, tourism, events and culture for the public and private sector. Jason and his team have a unique range of experience in the sector areas and have consistently provided eye-opening results on a range of different projects and campaigns. Our team have a track record second to none and results proven over time.


Anonymous said...

"Our team have a track record second to none and results proven over time."

Would this "time" be the last 6 months Jase spent on the sick?

Cynic said...

Everyone's eyes were opened when he cancelled Mathew Street.

Observer said...

" Jason and his team have a unique range of experience in the sector areas and have consistently provided eye-opening results on a range of different projects and campaigns."

eye-popping more like.

Anonymous said...

A good gig would be to hire him to organise the Lib/Dems conference at the Arena next year. Nobody watches it also those attending are on another planet politically. They could show what Lib/Dems in power (Liverpool as a beacon) are incapable of running. Also the mantra of refusing to reduce taxation. This is needed to help payoff spivs and incompetants.Just give him a blank cheque and watch your money drain away and the event cancelled last minute.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha its a laughable site!
He is holiing up images of the events Lee Forde did as an example of Harbrow associates work - what a tosser he could not undertake any of this work he is a failure.
He cancelled or cocked up more that anyone has ever done in relation to events in this city.
Not to mention his budgetry cock up of 20 million !!
One arrogant little tosser, well at least the rent on his offices will drain his windfall thats if Mrs H has not taken it off him.

He is to events what Ian Brady is to Child Care.

Anonymous said...

Noticed he had listed in his porfolio of currently involved world class events, alongside the 'world class' Chester Race course..(havin a laff..havin a lafff) The World Fire Fighters Games was that part of the pay-off he got from the Worried Badly! That will become the Firefighters..'It's a Knockout' world finals. Come on LFC shame on you allowing him use your logo on his promotional tosh, sue the toe rag....give us all a laugh. Before I forget remember the jolly he went on to The Harvard Business School, at our expense, allegedly to improve his expertise in major eventing. Well he now boasts he has an ..ology..from Harvard. (paid for by the council tax payers) Didn't he do well, no wonder he has based himself in Liverpool, the Capital of Suckers.

Anonymous said...

Would suggest 'Frank Spencer Associates' would be more fitting. Then no complaints about outcome if you are brain dead enough to give him a contract. In my previous post I mentioned using other corporate images in his promotional crap. Come on Sir Richard Branson, the tosser is also using your Virgin partnership with the CoC, also, as being the work of his new company(sic). Sue the little orange spiv and get our money off him.

Radiorogerside said...

Well then did you hear Eddie Clein today on the lunch time phone-in. The little orange, lying shyster has had his balls kicked good style re: The World Firefighters Games 2008.

The Harbarrow Boy 'Frank Spencer' website has now removed the 'world class events' currently involved page. A wry comment from Eddie, "to have some one involved in an event of this magnitude and importance, spending his time in both Spain and Liverpool would not be appropriate!" Hindsite is wonderful a thing, pity the same reasoning didn't apply when the post of CEO of the Culture Company was created. Mr Harborow was unavailable for comment, he who lists broadcasting as one of his main interests...another fib..