Tuesday, February 12, 2008


The mystery of the cowboy Fireman's whereabouts deepens.

Seems that he may not have gone off to his brother in law's wedding in Mexico after all, despite what he told friends.

Nor may he have gone off on a walking tour of the Lake District, as he told his Executive Board on Friday.

Nor headed off to Jason's gaff on the Cala Menor in Spain, as claimed by one of Jase's mates.

In fact, it seems the Fireman Bradley could, amazingly, be sitting at home with the curtains drawn, after he apparently did a Greta Garbo act and told officials: "I vant to be alone."

One theory is that Bradley is firmly ensconsed in Wavertree, drinking Peroni and talking to the parakeet and not answering his council mobile phone (which is probably bugged anyway, eds)

Perhaps he is taking the opportunity to reflect on:

  • his own personal behaviour

  • his failure to keep his promises

  • his stabbing Lee Forde in public

  • and his failure to deal properly and decisively with the civil war between councillors and officers which is now a running sore seeping from the very fabric of the Town Hall.

We doubt, however, whether he will demonstrate any self-awareness whatsoever. Much less will he apologise to those he has wronged. Indeed it is revealing that no-one appears at all certain of his whereabouts at all. Because no-one can now believe a single word that he says.


Anonymous said...

That Storeyteller fella is at Oasis in the lakes, so maybe they are meeting up to try and plot their escape from the Standards Board?

Tori Blare said...

Maybe he's looking for a decent lawyer to get him out of the latest shit he's found himself in?
The Cabal are certainly in force now!

Cover up's new name of Stilton is correct as there is something stinking under his desk.
That's 3-0 for the Cabal at the moment, when are we going to get a council that are not so corrupt themselves,they can do something about the corrupt cabal?
Oh I know, in May when we vote the thieves out of office and hopefully out of town, I am thinking of starting a petition to move all Liberal Democrats presently in office, into Norris Green Boot Estate?
What do you think?
That link anonymous left you is hysterical by the way.

Anonymous said...

Anderson isn't going to sort them out. He isn't clever enough they will twirl him round their little fingers and he won't know what to do.

Anonymous said...

Don't underestimate joe

Tori Blare said...

Joe Anderson is a normal scouser, who understands the wants and needs of the people of Liverpool.
He has a team of highly educated people behind him, who also understand the wants and needs of Liverpool people.
Let the real idiots try and slur Joe's name, Labour are bigger and stronger than the dirty practices of Liberal Democrat bufoons.

I have met a number of idiots in my lifetime, but never have I ever come across such a large group of idiots as those who call themselves Liberal Democrats!

Joe Anderson will be the leader of the ruling party in May, who will be the thick one then? Don't think it will be Joe!
Once in power Joe and his clever friends will begin the process of cleaning up the mess the Lib Dems have created.
I feel sorry for those who will be given that task!

Anonymous said...

What we need is Warren to attempt a comeback via Talk City 'Jimmy Corkhill show' can you imagine it- JC. 'right then warra, what's the score, pal' WB. sustainable, lasting growth, for the city. JC. Is that them bags you grow tomatoes in, made out of manure. WB. I am only a fireman, first and foremost, the technicalities I leave to council officers. JC. Them lot me and Barry Grant would sort out for you, 'No probs, pal'

City Talk helped Jason Orange crawl his way out of the mire. Why not help Warren....out!