Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Colin 'Cover Up' blunders over "whinging" email

New chief executive Colin 'Cover Up' Hilton has been left red-faced after a blunder with his emails.
Given what has gone before, you might have expected the new £200,000 a year chief executive to have been a bit careful about what he wrote on his computer (you never know and I wouldn't want to alarm anyone unduly, but it would not be beyond the bounds of remote possibility for that thieving rottweiller, Dr McElhinney to have "persuaded" his IT chaps to let him secretly read any council employee's private emails when he was relaxing after taking a shower in his evil lair in MisAdventure Place, ed)
But not a bit of it.
And now Cover Up has been forced to make a grovelling public apology to Labour Councillor Rose Bailey for describing her as a 'whinger' in a confidential email to council leader Warren Bradley and Lib Dem Councillor Marilyn Fielding (the rottweiller's poodle, co-incidentally, ed).

The blunder begins after Fielding was given a good going over by Labour at the last full council meeting for missing a vital public meeting in Croxteth over anti-social behaviour.
The op
position had merrilly pointed out that Fielding's absence from such an important meeting was at odds with her repeated public protests against anti-social behaviour (in other words, they were calling her a hypocrite, ed)
Fielding (left) was clearly wounded by this attack and dashed off an email to her leader Bradley and chief exec Hilton the following morning, complaining that she had been left in the lurch and not given proper information about the meeting (blaming someone else as usual, ed).

Whereupon the mighty chief executive decided to reply in terms which were not exactly impartial, lambasting Labour Councillor Bailey as being a 'whinger'.
Unfortunately he compounded his error with another - he stupidly copied the email to Councillor Bailey as well as Bradley and Fielding!(he would be dangerous if he had sense, ed)

Uproar ensued in the Municipal Buildings with minions running all over the place, overturning tables and files, in a desperate attempt to try to retrieve the errant email.
Too late, it arrived safely in front of Labour Councillor Rose Bailey, who was to say the least, a bit perturbed at the chief exec's unfortunate language and lack of political impartiality.
Hilton then had to hang his head in shame like a naughty schoolboy as he received a huge dressing down from Labour leader Joe Anderson.
Then he had to make a monumental apology to Councillor Bailey.
One insider said: "He got off very lightly with just saying sorry. It brought him down a peg or two to say the least. And at least he knows how Mike Storey felt when his emails got into the wrong hands! On this occasion it wasn't a sacking matter, but Hilton might not be so lucky next time!"


Tori Blare said...

Public message to Rose Bailey, Please oh please show us the email???
You are doing a grand job in Croxteth and you have my every sympathy in the problems that you have to deal with, itis violence and guns and drugs that is preventing the decent people of Croxteth in living in relative peace.
You are a brave woman.
Fielding is Blonde by the way!

Anonymous said...

Please Rose show us the email!

Anonymous said...

This place is worse than a carry on film

Anonymous said...

You could always ask for the email under FOI

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No a carry on film is funny - they can make you laugh till you cry whereas this just makes you cry no laughing involved.

Come on Colin Cover Up we want justice not more Henshaw type tactics