Sunday, November 19, 2006


THE city council continue to treat taxpayers with contempt as they try to cover up the rottweiller McElhinney's misuse of public money.

Consider this question which Tony Parrish sent to the city council last month under the Freedom of Information Act.

What was the cost of the shower facility installed at LDL in Venture Place for the use of the LDL Chief Executive?

This is the council's full reply. We couldn't resist adding our own comments.


A shower was not installed at Venture Place for use by the Chief Executive of LDL. (oh aye? ed)

The installation of the shower was carried out as part of works being carried out on the third floor of Venture Place, specifically installation of a toilet for visitors attending at the offices. (Our emphasis. What they are trying to do now, is cover up the cost of the shower amongst other necessary works which were carried out - it's a simple sleight of hand which the hated McElhinney has repeatedly used to disguise the full cost of some of his favourite little projects. In other words, the council are now claiming that the shower was installed on the third floor because they needed to provide toilet facilities! Must remember to have a shower next time we take a leak, too. Of course, the third floor, by complete co-incidence, is the same floor as McElhinney's office.)

The council's answer continues:

Venture Place, was the only main city centre building without a shower facility although being staffed twenty four hours a day. (So what they are asking you to believe now is that a shower was installed NOT for the chief executive so that he could go on his little mid-day runs, but because visitors to the office might need to take a shower.
Do they thin
k the people of Liverpool are mad?
We can well understand that many visitors to Liverpool Direct Limited might actually need to take a shower AFTER they have met McElhinney, but that is an entirely different matter. (Most of the staff
would want to go through a fumigation unit too after they had spent any time in McElhinney's presence, but there is no suggestion that a fumigation unit is going to be built specifically for them, is there?)
The city council are apparently seriously claiming that a shower needs to be built for staff because the building is staffed 24 hours a day! Why?
Think about it for a minute - no one is working 24 hours a day, they all work normal eight hour shifts, so why should they need to take a shower?
Do they not come to work clean? Do they get so very dirty and sweaty answerin
g the phone?
Does any other office worker in Liverpool who is working a normal eight hour shift need to take a shower?
So why does one need to be built here then?
Especially when there are perfectly acceptable public showers in the gym at Millennium House, round the corner?
Answer: because McElhinney wanted one for his own personal use after his mid-day run.)

The council's answer ends:

The cost of the shower was £2,310 (Was it bollocks! They have buried the cost of the shower in the cost of the other works they had to carry out. They are simply lying. So much for integrity.)

We are sorry to spend so much time on the small matter of a shower for the LDL chief executive, but it is important for a number of reasons.
It shows that McElhinney continues to abuse his power, position and public money.
It shows that the city council is fully prepared to cover-up for him.
Worse than covering-up, they are also prepared to treat the people of Liverpool with utter contempt and breathtaking arrogance in asking them to swallow this utter fabrication of a story.
It would not be a credible response even for Walter Mitty.
And chief executive Colin Hilton says he is concerned about the city council's ethics? Yet he is prepared to approve flagrantly dishonest answers like this? Don't make us laugh!


Anonymous said...

Phew! I think you have done them over good style there, Dandy. I bet they wish you were working for them mate!!

Anonymous said...

But why aren't the councillors kicking up a fuss about this? Have they all been ordered to stay quiet for some reason?

Tori Blare said...

This excuse of course now means that ALL staff working at Venture place has the authority to use the said shower!
If any of you are reading this blog, (and we know you are), then just go up and use the council facilities that have kindly been provided for you.

Anonymous said...

The thing is, knowing mcIlhenney to try and prove the showser isn't just for him, he will probably dragoon a handful of call centre "operatives" into a photo opportunity of them queuing up to go in the shower. Getting people to queue for the showers, will of course, come absolutely naturally to McIlheeny.

Anonymous said...

He could invite Inspector Clueless to take a shower with him!!!!

Tori Blare said...

Only blonde people are allowed in the shower so clueless will have to wear a wig.

Anonymous said...

Latest in the Echo tonight (2/11/06) is that Michael Kenworthy (AHA?) has prepared a report that shows that there was absolutely no dodgy dealings over 08 Misadventure Place and over the Liverpool Direct Ltd contract and that everyhting is in the clear and Warren of the Wet Nelly Party is happy with this and is going to draw a line under it.

Sorry Tony you must have got it all wrong and youve been beastly to these nice Cabalists - i hope you are going to print a nice being humble apology to them

Tony Parrish47 said...

Yes, the bald eagle's report is a complete and utter whitewash - selective, partial and arrogant. We will post a full response tomorrow. But its bollocks....

Anonymous said...

Shock: corrupt council covers up council corruption.

Good to see the Echo printing the press release in full without questioning it.