Saturday, December 08, 2007


What are we to make of the Harbarrowboy's continuing absence from the Fun Palace?

Since he popped in at 1pm last Tuesday for a few hours, he appears to have gone to ground again.

The £150,000 a year (plus PRP) chief executive has not been seen since.

So where can he be?

(In his hammock in the hacienda again? eds)

Culture Company staff have been left scratching their heads at the semi-invisible man's re-appearance and then dis-appearance again.

Is Jase now spending all his time around at the Fireman's gaffe, chatting to the parakeet?


But maybe a comment from Bryan Gray, Chair of the North West Development Agency sheds more light on the Harbarrowboy's whereabouts.

Gray, who has virtually taken over responsibility for the Culture Company, has said of Jase:

"He's the city council's problem now - not ours anymore. We have no further use for him."
So, putting the ball back firmly in the court of the council, for whom Jase is Executive Director for Culture, is a rather neat trick to off-load any responsibility for the Barrowboy.

It also accounts for Jases's on-off absence from the Fun Palace.

Rumour has it that Cover Up has found him a place in the typing pool on the top floor of the Municipal Buildings and is next week supposed to be sorting him out with some typing and photocopying to keep him busy.

(Which probably means the city council is going to start sending out poll tax letters to dead people again, eds)


Tori Blare said...

The council do not have a typing pool any more, they decided they were not needed many years ago.
Macca decided it.
Where will the fat ice cream man go now?
Typing is a skilled job, he does not have such qualities!

Anonymous said...

But what am I supposed to do with him? He won't mind being in the typing pool on £150,000/year, even if he only uses his forefinger.

If I sack him, he'll sue for unfair dismissal. Then I'll have both him and Lee Forde round my neck spoiling our Year of glorious LibDem culture. And if I don't sack him, I'll be a laughing stock.

OK, OK, lay off! I'm already a laughing stock, I know. My mum is really cross cus people keep picking on me. You should see her with her teeth in. Terrifying! You'd not laugh at me then!

worried badly

Anonymous said...

Jason picks on me and thats my problem I know I come across as a tough guy but that is only when I pick on people who have left and make them scapegoats for my own lack of ability I know I am a coward and a stranger to the truth but if you will all just turn a blind eye whilst I and the other lib dems put the city in such a dire financial situation that the labour Party will stand no chance, then you can all pick on me as I will probably give up my political career but I simply must do what Mike says cos he picks on me too !!
I am a real shit house I know you all know it but give us a break !!

Anonymous said...

f**k off he's not working with us, we have high standards here and will not be taken down to the culture clubs level!