Monday, December 03, 2007


WHAT a turn-up that was folks!

Colin CoverUp has come clean in this morning's Daily Post - and dumped the fibbing Fireman in a huge pile of shit.

CoverUp has revealed that, in fact, Fireman Bradley never told him about his secret meeting with Mathew St scapegoat Lee Forde.

This was what the Fireman first told the papers on Saturday:
"He (Bradley) said he raised the issues with the council chief executive, Colin Hilton, and senior Culture Company staff in the “first couple of days after the meeting”.

But this was what Hilton wrote to Joe Anderson today:

"I can confirm that I was totally unaware that Lee Forde had met with Cllr Bradley and Cllr Storey, let alone any of the information contained in the account of that meeting set out in the dossier."

So that was the THIRD lie told by Bradley, who has now demonstrated that he is totally unfit to govern.

At which point the cock crowed...

The SECOND lie was when Bradley claimed Lee Forde had first texted him to instigate the secret Wavertree-gate meeting.

But Forde's mobile phone bill reveals that he texted Bradley an hour after the Fireman had first sent him a flurry of emails asking for a meeting.

The FIRST lie was when the fibbing Fireman first denied even having a meeting! That was just so contemptible a lie that we won't even bother proving it. (Read the earlier posts instead, eds)

So where are we now? (Waiting for the Fireman to walk the plank? eds)

Clearly CoverUp has now had enough of the Fireman and has completely washed his hands of him.

His letter was an astonishing example of a chief executive putting the boot in and then very publicly distancing himself from the Leader.

That was the bureaucratic coup de grace - now we must wait patiently for the political knives to be buried in Bradley's back.

CoverUp realised that if he did not properly handle the Lib Dem Leader's role in this disgraceful plot, he would himself become embroiled in the conspiracy.

So after letting off the hook his former colleagues in the evil cabal - to Hilton's eternal shame - he has finally decided to come clean.

(Although, he's still not to be trusted, eds)

There is also no doubt that Hasitall and the Rottweiller are loving all this. So be it.

The only hope we have that those scum will ever be properly dealt with, is if there is a complete change in Town Hall administration.

The Lib Dems have proved they are unfit to govern. It's time for a change.

PS The Harbarrowboy is due back in the Fun Palace tomorrow morning 123 days after the Fireman demanded his head - Jase may actually turn up, bold as the brass medallion around his neck, with no hint of a blush under his perma-tan.

Sadly, Jase will have missed the chance to make a fast buck at tonight's Royal Variety Show, where he could have tried to sell some of his Spanish ice creams to 'Gentleman Joe' Anderson and the Fireman, who were, amazingly, due to spend the evening sitting side by side.
Will keep you posted on Jase's progress tomorrow (he won't last long, eds) and the polite chatter that no doubt passed between Bradley and Joe.
HM The Queen (to Bradley)......"And what do you do, young man?"
Bradley (to HM)...."Lie through my fucking teeth, your Maj"


Anonymous said...

Bradley has clearly lost it - his quotes to the DPost today are incoherent babbling. Bit sad really - but he has brought it all upon himself by not treating people properly, with respect and some integrity.

Anonymous said...

Bradley's comments make even less sense than one of sexy's columns in the Echo.

Tori Blare said...

Whilst all this stabbing each other in the backs is going on with the big men in the council, who is actually running the city for the people of Liverpool?
If anything else goes wrong, (which it will), who will get the blame?
The whole lot of them are corrupt and evil, they should do the honourable thing and resign, however they do not posses any honour at all.
We can get rid of the Lib Dems,in May at least, but what about the council employees such as Hilton and Barrow boy?
How can we, the people of Liverpool , the people who pay the council employees disgracefully high wages, make a difference and get rid of these so called council employees, servants of the public?
Can we demand the sacking of these people?
No sadly we cannot, the employment laws of Britain does not allow for this.
Ideas please???????!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes Bradley and Co sling your hooks - chocolate fireguards