Monday, February 18, 2008


WE interrupt our hunt for Sheriff Bradley, the cowboy Fireman, to bring you exciting news of his bete noire - Jase the Harbarrowboy.

Seems Jase is still hanging around these here parts (quit the cowboy talk, we've moved on to another subject, eds) and has got himself a nice sinecure in Chester.

Jase is working for a £15,000 project fee for his old mucker Chris Brown, former Head of Marketing at The Mersey Partnership.

Jase is 'developing some event ideas' for Chester Racecourse for Brown who is boss of Visit Chester.

So we can now look forward to Chas Cole also being invited along shortly to see if he can attract any old 80's rock bands along to play at Chester racecourse.

As long as Phil and Chris can each wangle a gig for their lads, should be no problem.

Failing that Jase will no doubt suggest some mad rugby playing idea which can involve his many rough and tough mates.

Also look forward to some bizarre crackpot idea like those huge US trucks being brought along to churn up the racecourse and jump over 20 blondes (supplied by the Rotteweiller of course, eds)which have been laid head to toe along the length of the final furlong.

Or fierce ceremonial battles being staged down the home straight between Roman centurions and the invading barbarian hordes (voters from Liverpool, eds).

PS we couldn't resist including this advert that Jason has now sponsored for some posh suit makers in Liverpool. Follow the link, or read below... SUITS FROM JUST £695 TO £1,500!

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WE couldn't make it up....


Anonymous said...

Do they do a fabric that goes with orange?

Anonymous said...

Chester Races better get ready for Jasons style of Finance hope David Pickering and Chris Brown have a spare 20 million tucked away to shore upn Jason's piss poor budgeting.

Anonymous said...

Is this another stitch-up?

Anonymous said...

I bet with the knowledge jase has of horse racing he will probably have a Pantomime Horse Handicap race as the big event. Followed by the Payoff Stakes. Someone will have to explain to him that these are not the steaks you eat! I wonder who will be up for a flutter with the Fillies. The corporate enclosure will be filled to busting with '08 Free Loaders' on a fact finding jolly (Double expenses on this trip courtesy of jase) Lastly, I bet no one mentions to jase Chester race course runs the opposite way to other courses...he could alter that without even noticing.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they would chance it. The Harbarrowboy's track record is hardly great, what is Chester Racecourse thinking?

Maybe they are too successful and need some one to spend an extortionate amount of their cash on shite.

What background does Jase have in 'developing some event ideas’? Didn't he blame the artistic programme failure on Robin Archer? Does this mean he was actually the one who created the failed programme and therefore is to blame for the numerous shows which ran at a loss?

Hmmmm... Discuss?

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell these robbing bastards don't half look after their own don't they?

Anonymous said...

He'd need a flat cap in't same cloth and 2 poachers flaps "wun fur't whippetpft an pies and wun fur't all't cash he nobbled from Liverpool"

Anonymous said...

Theyve Found Warren:

City council chamber 'aggressive and abusive' - report

Council leader Warren Bradley, who ordered a review of town hall ethics two years ago, said: “I have always been an advocate of treating people how you would expect to be treated yourself.

“We should be able to have robust debate, but it should not stoop to a level where individuals are called names that affect them personally and their families.”

How come he didnt think that when Matt, Peroni Plot Lee and now poor pie loving Jase were bullied and intimidated out?????

Anonymous said...

Id have thought he'd need considerably more than just one poachers pocket for all the money he has relieved Liverpool of.

also what about one for his Banjo?