Thursday, February 14, 2008



I snapped this long-haired bloke wondering up and down Mathew Street in the wee small hours of the morning, obviously the worse for wear. He was in his cups and muttering something about losing his barrow and something else about a camel. Then he slurred a few words I couldn't quite catch about forgetting all about his Ford. I presume he has a Mondeo? Although he was in no condition to drive anything, obviously. And he was clad in very strange full-length leather gear - not unusual for Mathew Street at that time of night, admittedly. Do you think the cowboy Fireman could have grown his hair this fast, or was it a wig? The 'tache is obviously a cowboy thing. He looked very lonely. The last time I saw him he had staggered all the way up to Dale Street and was hammering on the door of the Town Hall. Perhaps he is holed up inside there now? I think we should be told....

yours ever,

The ghost of Lee Forde


Anonymous said...

he's got a saggy arse!

Anonymous said...


Forked tongue Fireman and storeytelling squaw will be losing scalps very soon new Chief is now up for um heap big taking.

Can then all smoke pipe of piece with Sheriff Andersen who make town into like great hunting place in sky

Anonymous said...

Aint seen that pesky Fireman but aint this another one a those goddarn Lib Dims Marbrow?

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute looks like the Lib Dims are having a special party meeting here to decide what to do about their leader Billy Boy Bradley

Looks more like a lynching than a leadership contest going to happen

Anonymous said...

is Bradley going to be claiming a humungus payout like he gave to the-rest of the FU &FO crowd ?

Anonymous said...

Warren is looking for a fast horse to get out of town heard there's gonna be a lynching soon.

Sherrif Hilton is looking to gain favour with the new leader Joe A and is offering up Bradley's Head as a gesture of good will.

Hang Em high Pardners !