Sunday, December 30, 2007


WILL Paul 'Randy' Newman be next to leave the Culture Company?

We ask because of authoritative reports from within the London Olympic Team that the CoC's Director of Communications (sic) has been touting for a new job with them.

One of our informants has told us: "I suspect Paul Newman will resurface in an Olympic role very soon."

Newman has apparently been angling for an Olympic job (lots more athletically inclined women, apparently, eds) for the last year.

A few weeks ago another well-placed Olympics source revealed that Newman had been in touch and had said that Liverpool had been a big mistake.

Newman told his contact that he had wanted to work on the Olympics all along (obviously learnt a lot from Donald Bullshitter, eds)

He rings them every few months looking for an opening.

However, Newman also appears to be hedging his bets.

Another recruitment agency has been touting Newman (also known as Leslie, after the recently honoured Phillips below, eds) for a well-paid position with a Government agency!

This is all the more strange, since The Harbarrowboy used to regularly tell anyone who cared to listen that one of the things he liked about Newman was his commitment to move to Liverpool! (the cheek of these bastards, eds)

Which, of course, he has still failed to do (keeps him conveniently out of sight from his wife at least, eds)

Newman, you will recall, was the self-appointed guardian of public behaviour who decided to try and get Joe Riley the sack for dozing off at the Empire.

Newman, known as 'Lesley' for his wandering ways, 'Carry-on-leering' and lascivious 'well, heeeelllll-oooo' greetings to any new women, tried to deny his involvement by repeatedly telling a bare-faced porky.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why people don't just call him Useless.

Anonymous said...

He has been very quite lately obviously trying to keep his (large) head down and get out before the Cancer of Coc spreads to him.
He can only spin so much bullshit after all.

Anonymous said...

Newman will be gone before the summer

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind really but he couldn't spin his way out of a pan of spaghetti. Your earlier correspondent had it about right - he has been utterly useless. No one knows or cares about Capital of Culture outside of Liverpool. Sure there will be some stuff in the papers and on the radio the closer we get to Jan 12, but as for CoC helping re-brand the city as a mature, forward thinking, innovative city, which has world-class ambitions? Forget it. The city council has been, and will continue to be, the biggest obstacle to progress for Liverpool. Nothing will improve unless and until the city council is radically changed. So it all depends on an Anderson win in May - and if he has the bottle, the courage and the support in his ranks to get to grips with the endemic corruption, incompetence and greed at senior levels in the city council. There will be one or two of us hoping that Anderson makes it his New Year resolution.

Anonymous said...

to Blog supporter

Havent you been following whats been happening in the Labour Party at all Loans for Lordships and now just plain old Loans for Favours - How ould you suggest that a Labour win in May could possibly sort out the Town Hall corruption?

More like Anderson's lot getting their turn at the trough while for the senior officer's well every day is trough day for them whoever is in.